Lesson 19

Just a quick note before we begin this weeks teach. I just noticed that today’s blog marks my 111th post! I’ve shared a lot in these messages over the last couple years, be sure to go back through and check out my other series. Amen!

We need to do two things to unpack our dreams and visions – write them down and meditate on them. As we mull dreams over in our mind, we get revelation. Habakkuk 2:2 commands us to write down the vision so it can be read easily by anyone who passes by. Something happens when we care enough to write our dreams down so we or whoever passes by, will be able to read it easily and quickly. The revelation will come as we write it down and we don’t get full understanding until we begin this process.

“And there came a voice to him, saying, Rise up, Peter, kill and eat. But Peter said, No, by no means, Lord; for I have never eaten anything that is common and unhallowed or [ceremonially] unclean. And the voice came to him again a second time, What God has cleansed and pronounced clean, do not you defile and profane by regarding and calling common and unhallowed or unclean” Acts 10:13-15 (AMPC). God was showing Peter that He was going to bring the “unclean” Gentiles into the “clean” family of Jews. But, Peter didn’t have a clue what that vision meant when he first had it. In Acts 10:17 Peter was inwardly perplexed and doubted as to what it could mean. In verse 19 it says, “And while Peter was earnestly revolving the vision around in his mind and meditating on it,” Holy Spirit revealed to him what the vision was all about. When I have a complex dream or vision and don’t know what it is about, as I am revolving it around in my mind and writing it down, Holy Spirit gives me revelation.

I take my journal out and I begin to write the dream or vision down. I monitor my mind to see if Holy Spirit will pop a word, scripture, or a phrase into my mind and I also monitor what’s happening in my spirit in case Holy Spirit pops a “knowing” into my spirit man.

Below are some symbols and their meanings that might help you:

Boxes – A container that holds things. Boxes can mean, “To be boxed into a difficult situation.” Box is also the word to describe a coffin! Boxes can have junk in them and can represent soul wounds!

Movie & TV screens –The movie of your life, all the troubles and bad things that happened to you are playing back in your soul.

Floppy disks, jump drives, records –Historical records that go back into the past can also represent soul wounds.

Cars in bad shape can represent soul wounds. Red means you are making war on that wound. White, you are being healed in the light.

Vehicles of all types can represent your ministry.

Monuments, pillars, obelisks, tombs, corpses – all symbolize soul wounds.

Let’s activate one last time. We’re going to focus and do the three steps. We’ll spend time focusing on repentance and applying the blood. Then, we will spend time focused on the light. Finally, we will do some deliverance.

We are repenting for any sin that we might have committed that wounded our soul and we are forgiving anyone that sinned against us and created a wound in our soul. The blood of Jesus is in the midst of our soul; His death is ripping the curtain of our temple open so that light can get in. The blood is dealing with the sin first. We put the blood on any separation between ourselves and God; any sin that created a wound. We repent. We keep applying the blood so that we get every closed door, closet, gate, or blockage removed. Focus on repentance and on the blood.

Now begin to focus on forgiving anyone who has sinned against you. Forgive your mother, father, sisters, brothers, co-workers, bosses, pastors, grandparents, and spouse. Forgive the sin that created the wound on your soul. Apply the blood on those sins that were committed against you, that wounded your soul. Focus on forgiving anyone that God brings to your mind. Now, forgive God in case you are mad at Him! Forgive yourself in case you are mad at yourself! Apply more of Christ’s blood!

We are now going ask for the light of Christ. The woman with the issue of blood just kept pushing through the crowd. She wanted to touch His robe, be sheltered by His wings and His beams of light! Just decree that He is arising with healing for the wounds in your soul, with His glory and His light! If God shows you what the wound is, put the light on it but, don’t focus on the wound. Focusing on the wound will just make it go deeper. Focus the light on the wound. Turn your focus to the light healing it. Just begin to decree Luke 11, that your whole body is filled with light so your mind is sound, fulfilling its office. Your emotions are sound and fulfilling their office. Your will is sound and fulfilling its office. Your whole body is filled with light!

When the light arrives, command the cause of your wound to be filled with the light. Command that wound, that gouge, to be filled with the light. Keeping your focus is the key. Keep telling yourself Christ’s light is healing the wound. It’s cleaning you up and healing your soul.

Now, command the enemy to leave! They have lost their legal right, so they must leave and never return in Jesus’ mighty name!!

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