Lesson 2

“Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.” 1 John 5:21 (KJV)

I’ve been telling you about metal miracles to raise your faith. If God can make metal disappear from someone’s body, do you think He can fix your problems? Next time you’re faced with something that looks insurmountable, I want you to remember those metal miracles.

I’m going to talk about idolatry, which may seem like a very Old Testament type of subject. Don’t tune out on me by thinking “This is going to be boring.” No, it’s not! You are going to understand by the end of these lessons, that we need to deal with idols, and when we do, we’re going to start to see all kinds of miracles!

One of our staff members, John Blake, suffered a lot of different illnesses, and began to exhibit Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. He would forget how to type. He would watch a movie, and at the end of it, wouldn’t remember any of the plot, the name, or the characters. He would start to say something, then would not be able to finish his sentence, and his wife would have to finish it for him.

When the doctors tested him, they found out that he did not have Alzheimer’s, rather he had an unusual disease where excessive levels of ammonia became stored up in his brain. We all have ammonia in our bodies to various degrees, because it helps us to process our food, and does other functions in our body. But when the level gets too high, it can become very dangerous. That’s what was causing John to exhibit these symptoms. When he would go to sleep, he would be so tired and worn out, he would go into a coma-like sleep. His wife would shake him and yell at him, and he wouldn’t wake up. He was on 15 different medications in order for him not to slip into a coma.

One night, another staff member had a dream, and in the dream they could smell ammonia. We looked up the word ammonia and it is from the Greek word amonikos, or amon, because ammonia was first obtained from a region near the temple of the god Amon in Libya, Egypt. So, the word ammonia came from an Egyptian god named Amon. The Bible says that all idols are really demon spirits. When people are worshiping idols, they aren’t worshiping just a statue or an obelisk; they are worshipping the demon that statue represents.

When I heard that ammonia was named after the Egyptian idol, Amon, I wondered if that had anything to do with John. Then, I had a dream that I could smell ammonia. So when I woke up, I was convinced that John’s problem stemmed from Amon.

Idolatry lives in the soul. Your spirit man doesn’t chase after idols. Your spirit man is Jesus Christ’s spirit. It’s your soul that wants an idol. It’s your soul that desires money, clothing, cars, or whatever you’ve made an idol out of, because anything in your life can become an idol. Your children, spouse, job, ministry, or church can become an idol.

I knew I needed to soak John’s soul and see if we could get this sucker out. If you have listened to or read my teachings, you know that we carry a power in us called dunamis. Holy Spirit and dunamis came into us when we were born again in Christ Jesus. Dunamis, in the Greek, means “to be excellent of soul”. We have soul healing power inside of us. So, no matter if sin, trauma, or idolatry has wounded our soul, we can be healed by Holy Spirit and the dunamis power that’s inside of us. We can release it. Then, that power will make us what the word dunamis means: excellent of soul.

All the staff came over and we soaked John. He laid down, and I put my hand on him. All I did was release the Holy Spirit and the dunamis that I carry, onto John. I decreed, he was excellent of soul. And we just laid there and worshiped for an hour or so, as I prayed for him. At the end of the soak, he instantly recognized that his mind was clear, he could think and talk and was not confused.

It had become so normal for him to smell ammonia during a shower that he thought everyone had it. But that night, for the first time, he smelled no ammonia coming from his body. He went to three of his doctors and independently asked each one to test his ammonia levels. When the tests came back, they all came back that, for the first time ever, his ammonia levels were perfectly normal.

This is an example of why idolatry is a message for today, because when we have idols in our life, they can cause all kinds of issues like they caused for John. Psalm 135:16 and Revelations 9:20 show us that idols cannot see, they cannot hear, they cannot speak, and they cannot walk.
I’m going to explain how those scriptures affect us, so don’t forget to tune in next week!

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