Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Lesson 19

In this series, I have demonstrated how to plug into the power of Dunamis and how, when it is applied to the wounds of our souls it heals those wounds and frees us all manner of illnesses, problems and the consequences of sin and trauma. If this is your first time to read the blog, I advise you to go back through the archives and catch up.

Last week, I led you through activations so you could get used to praying in this manner, a way you probably never considered or were taught, unless you are familiar with my ministry.

I sincerely pray you have been trying it daily. I promise you it makes a difference, but the best teaching in the world is no good to you if you don’t apply it to your life.

Now, I want to show you how to pray Dunamis power for others. When I go to a speaking engagement, I always have peeps who want me to pray for them and I am happy to do so when I can. When we go into prisons, I take as many of my team as the administrators will allow, so we can pray for people.

Still, I am only one person, so I can only do so much. People contact our office with serious prayer needs and some of them insist that I call them back personally. Look, I would love to. I love to see people delivered and healed. I want the entire world to prosper and be in health even as their souls prosper, but again, I cannot personally answer every prayer request.

But, here is what I CAN do. I can teach others. I can teach you. So, I hope you have been testing what I taught in previous lessons. Now comes the real test. I want you to try it on others.

If you know a Sister or Brother in Christ who is in pain or is suffering from an illness, go to them. Practice on them and pray the activations. Pray for their souls. Put blood into their souls and dunamis in their souls. This is where you learn how to pray for other people. Stop praying your normal prayers, pray for their souls to be healed and then their physical bodies will follow suit. This is the way you practice. This is how you get to be supernatural.

It takes faith to do this, right? You have to believe this will work because the last thing you want is to disappoint someone who is already suffering. Get your faith up. Go to them convinced by what you’ve heard and read and seen in your own life that you have their answer! Why do you think I give examples of miracles I’ve experienced and witnessed? To build your faith! To build my own faith!

Decree that your friend is not infirmed anymore. They are filled with blood and dunamis. Let the sin in their souls be washed by the blood. Proclaim that they are excellent of soul, excellent of soul, excellent of soul.

Command that they be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in their inner man, just like Paul prayed. And then when you’re done with that, command the pain to leave. Command the pain to leave after you’ve soaked their soul with blood and dunamis. Command that evil spirit to come off. Command that heaviness to lift. Decree they are not infirmed anymore, they have no spirit of infirmity. Do all this in the name of Jesus. Jesus is the Healer, not Katie Souza, not you. Give Jesus the glory!

Sometimes, healing manifests immediately. You see the result as you’re checking and as you’re moving your afflicted arm, for example. It was as people came to Jesus, as they touched Him, they were healed.

Let me encourage you. Not everyone received a miracle as they tried this. That means nothing. Y will get your miracle. Sometimes that wound is deep inside your soul and it takes more than a couple of shots to get to it. I’ve been physically attacked in my body by the enemy, or by sickness or disease so often I’ve lost track. But every single time, no matter how big the problem was, I got the miracle. Every time, I got supernaturally healed.

There were times the attack was severe and I had to get an antibiotic to tide me over while I got my soul healed, but in the end, I was supernaturally healed, every time.

Sometimes it just takes longer than others so the more you do it, the more you saturate your soul with the power and then you will get closer and closer until finally you get it.

This is the end of this series. I hope you’ve learned something that will help you live victoriously! Keep fighting the fight. I need people who can help me pray for those in need and I know it can be you!

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  • Willie Brown Jr

    This is wonderful, I have been praying the prayers every day. You said some healings can take longer than others but the miracle will come, I will get my miracle. For me it has been the fear of rejection. I am 52 years old and this has been a deep wound in my soul for many years. It has come as a result of women I have loved leaving me without a cause and no explanation as to why. I have felt like maybe they want the guy who treats them bad. I tried to do every thing right. Maybe I was trying to hard. It is just how and who I am. I love to express sincere care to the woman I love. Is there such a thing as too much kindness and Love among Christian Women? I don’t want to do it the worlds way but their women always seem to stick with them from what I’ve seen.

  • Teresa Rose Guzman

    Thank you Katie! Thank you for your hard work and determined spirit! This is life changing for me to learn from your teachings! God is surely working his mysterious wonders through your life! God bless you and your family, of course your wonderful team as well! Love y’all all

  • Pattie

    I don’t want your teachings to end! They are anointed and we need them! God bless you, Katie. I love what I am learning and pray
    for total healing, in our souls and bodies. God bless, Pattie

  • Charlotte Kelley

    Thanks KS. God bless you.

  • Cleopatra Zondo

    Katie I am so blessed I am healed in my soul .In my soul its as if the fresh air is moving up and down.There are no enough words to explain how I feel .But I feel I have to plant a seed in your ministry .I am more than blessed .I think more than other people I nèeded this

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