Katie has taught me a lot…

I started watching the ‘Healing for your soul’ programs on tv for two years and engaged in the prayers each time. I learned a lot and see things and people so much differently now. I use to be so bitter, I’d recall painful events every time someone disappoints me. I’d stay up late at night thinking and worrying. I complained a lot, very hard on myself because of missed opportunities and unfulfilled desires. Katie has taught me a lot and I have healed from the past and have so much peace and joy. The things around me haven’t changed but I understand now what the change from within can do for a person’s wellbeing and contentment. It gives you hope to envision a better future without talking yourself down on whether you deserve it or not. You just know you deserve it because of the love Christ showed you on the cross. I haven’t had the flu all of 2019 and before that, I would catch it frequently. Glory to God, it is well with my soul. I am so happy and so grateful to be alive. I haven’t been able to give to the ministry yet but know that my heart and prayers are with the KSM team always.

Thank you so very much and God bless! -L.L

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