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Ever Growing Library of Teachings,
Activations, and Mentoring.

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Partner Mentoring Helps You Get Clarity In Life.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve overcome the fears, challenges and storms you are facing and can guide you getting victory in every trial of life so you can walk in healing and wholeness, enjoying everyday of you life.

What’s covered in mentoring?

New mentoring added every month.

Eliminate confusion.

Connect with Katie and others.

Grow in God.

Stop Doing Life Alone.

How partnership should be.

Partner mentoring is an exclusive way for you to get access to Katie’s resources so you get healed, get trained and get activated through the ever-growing library of on-demand mentoring that you access anywhere, anytime from anywhere.

Stop dwelling on the pain of the past and start getting the victorious breakthrough over every area of your life.

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Live Activations & Training with Katie

These trainings are life changers. Every month we will step into a new activation to help you get healed from raging storms in your life.

Receive clear revelation from Holy Spirit instead of having a mind full of chatter. Watch live or the replay.

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You Don’t Have To Settle

Recover from your past trauma and receive clear understanding instead of a mind full of chatter.

Get your power back over fear, depression, sickness finances and relationships.

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On Your Own Schedule

All your mentoring, teachings, soaking and activation from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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What Are The Details?

1. How Does This Work?

After joining partner mentoring, you get immediate, on-demand access to the ever-growing library of content, PLUS connect with Katie in the private group!

After joining partner mentoring, you get immediate access to login to the ever-growing library of content!

2. How Does This Work?

Click the ‘Join Partner Mentoring’ button and you are in! Login to start getting mentoring and access your bonuses!

3. How Does This Work?

All the details of how to access mentoring are sent to your email. If you need help, just ask our friendly support team by sending them an email.


See the answers below.

You get lifetime access to Partner Mentoring by just giving $11.11 per month.

After joining, you will get immediate access. Use the email and password you created your account with.

The email and password you used to create your account.

Every month we add new material, plus the monthly activations with Katie.

No worries at all! We record everything and will add it to your site so you can access it when it’s convenient for you.

It works and looks great on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

Partner Mentoring is month to month. You can cancel anytime. You do lose access to all content if you cancel.

Get victorious breakthrough over every area of your life.

Join Partner Mentoring!

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