Jesus Never Failed

Lesson 2

The Bible says, in Matthew 9:35, “… Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”

It says he healed every sickness and every disease. Every. He was one-hundred percent effective.

“Well, of course!”, you say. He could cast out demons and heal sickness because he is Jesus. Not so fast.

God arranged that Jesus would come here to live just like us. In Philippians 2:7, the Bible says, “But Jesus stripped himself of all privileges and rightful dignity so as to assume the guise of a servant, of a slave, and that he became like men and was born a human being.”

Wow! I love reading that verse. It gives me great hope. Jesus intentionally came to dwell among humans as a human being. He stripped himself of all his rightful dignity. He came to demonstrate to us we could do everything he did. That should fill you with excitement and hope! He wanted us to know we could do everything he did.

He came here as a man without sin. Otherwise, he could not be the atoning sacrifice for the rest of mankind. Jesus was built just like us. He had a body, a soul and a spirit. He was a three-part being, just like us. Even as a three-part being, he had dominion over every single devil that he encountered.

How did he do it? If he, as a human, had total dominion over the enemy, why don’t we? Jesus was perfect in spirit and in soul. His soul was perfect. He had no wounds in his soul. We get our perfected spirit from him, by accepting him as Lord. But unlike Jesus, our souls remain wounded.

Sin wounds the soul. Since Jesus had no sin, he had no wound in his soul. He had no place for the enemy to target, no “landing strip.” In Psalm 143:3 we learn the enemy pursues and persecutes our souls. This is one of Satan’s favorite devices. He knows about our soul wounds. His minions watched as you were rejected by your father when he abandoned you. They watched when you were molested by your neighbor. He encouraged the bullies who harassed you until you wanted to quit school. The enemy knows where to find those wounds that are in your soul. He knows the weaknesses in your soul and he knows the best way to attack them.

Jesus had no wound in his soul and that gave him total dominion over the enemy.

Here is your evidence. In John 14:30 (MSG), Jesus says, “I’ll not be talking with you much more like this because the chief of this godless world is about to attack. But don’t worry—he has nothing on me, no claim on me.”

Jesus tells us he has nothing in common with the enemy. He has nothing that belongs to Satan so Satan has no power over him. Satan could find no place within Jesus that he could use to attach himself. There was nothing in Jesus’ spirit. There was nothing in Jesus’ soul. Even though Jesus came as a man, he was pure and spotless. He lived a perfect life. He shows us, in that scripture, the way we can defeat the enemy. When we have nothing in common with the enemy, we can defeat him.

Next week, I will present more evidence for this case, by using Scripture to show you time after time where Jesus conquered devils and sickness, in every town and village, in every case. He was one-hundred percent effective and, glory to God, he gave us the same tools so that we can be one-hundred percent effective too.  Big love, K.S.

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