I’ve noticed such a positive change…

I heard about Katie via Doug Addison’s September webcast. I re-listened to it about 6 times to extract everything from it. I began praying quietly under my breath for my husband each night by covering his sin and wounds caused by others sin and releasing dunamis power to heal him. I’ve noticed such a positive change in mindset in him. Yesterday I started specifically praying for his mind in the same way and decreeing 2 Tim 1:7 due to some dizziness and forgetfulness… I get up this morning to be greeted by my husband’s smiling face, saying he had remembered 2 dreams and recorded them onto his computer. Remembering any dreams is rare for him.
I’m also praying for others and hearing of positive changes. This way of praying has definitely added another tool into my tool belt. Thanks Katie for your love of God’s word and sharing freely what you have learned. It is making an impact here in Australia. – J.L.


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