It’s Time to Come out of Isolation!

by Katie Souza

In my book, Be Revived, Defeat the Spirit of Death with the Power of Life, I show you how to achieve breakthrough over a spirit that has been afflicting God’s people since the fall of man. Because of what is happening all around us with COVID-19, i.e. the loss of our livelihoods, separation from family and friends, shortages of various kinds, and even loss of life, we need the spirit of revelation on how to defeat this spirit more than ever before.

Recently, I woke up hearing in my mind, “See a Victory” by Elevation Worship. The song says, “I’m gonna see Your victory, for the battle belongs to the Lord.” I immediately responded with, “What battle are you referring to Lord?” He answered by giving me the word, “handful,” then immediately led me to 2 Kings 7.

The Syrian army had surrounded Jerusalem and the resulting famine had trapped and isolated people in their homes leaving them so famine stricken, that the people were even eating their own children!  However, In the middle of this crises, God gave the prophet Elisha this prophetic decree: “Listen! God’s word! The famine is over. This time tomorrow food will be plentiful—a handful (remember, I got the word “handful”) of meal for a shekel; two handfuls of grain for a shekel. The market at the city gate will be buzzing.”          2 Kings 7:1 (MSG)

As I unpacked this entire chapter, I felt the Spirit of the Lord saying that He is turning the COVID-19 pandemic around, and we now need to walk out our restoration with high levels of faith and wisdom. When we do that, then the markets at the city gates, which means businesses, ministries, churches, and all kinds of commerce, will be open and buzzing!

First, as we step out of isolation, we need to use wisdom by continuing to keep safe distances and hygienic practices. Also, we need not to be afraid to step out because we are covered and protected by the blood of Jesus, which forces the death angel to pass over our houses (bodies) without harming us in any way.

As we overcome fear, and take steps of faith to retake everything the enemy has stolen from us, we will face challenges. Doubt, fear, and mocking will be among them. The very first thing that happened after Elisha made that bold decree was this. “The attendant on whom the King leaned for support said to the Holy man, ‘You expect us to believe that? Trapped doors opening in the sky and food tumbling out? …’”          2 Kings 7:2 (MSG)

 The King’s attendant mocked the word of God given through the prophet Elisha, that the famine was over. How did Elisha respond? He didn’t waver one bit!  He said, “…You’ll watch it with your own eyes,” he said, “but you will not eat so much as a mouthful!“ 2 Kings 7:2 (MSG) Unfortunately, Elisha’s word to him came to pass. The attendant was trampled at the city gate when mobs of starving people who had been trapped inside the city, rushed the city gates to plunder the enemy camp.

Heaven has decreed this virus pandemic is over, thus you can’t let fear cause you to doubt, like the king’s attendant did. If you do so, like the attendant, you will not eat a mouthful of the blessings God has arranged for all His people to partake of. We all need to respond to this prophetic word with the same faith and courage the lepers in this story did. Let’s look at how they responded to their own “pandemic”.

“It happened that four lepers were sitting just outside the city gate. They said to one another, ‘What are we doing sitting here at death’s door? If we enter the famine-struck city we’ll die; if we stay here we’ll die. So let’s take our chances in the camp of Aram and throw ourselves on their mercy. If they receive us we’ll live, if they kill us we’ll die. We’ve got nothing to lose.’” 2 Kings 7:3-4 (MSG)

What are lepers?  They are people that have been isolated by their disease. They can’t touch or even go near anyone. Does that sound familiar?  This disease has turned us into lepers. We have been isolated by this disease. We can’t hug each other, or even shake hands.  Everyone has been forced into extreme social distancing and even total isolation, and hundreds of thousands of businesses are at risk of closing down permanently and are even in threat of bankruptcy.

In the middle of their crises, those lepers said, “if we stay here we’ll die!”  So, they decided to take their chances by going right into the middle of the camp of enemy.  Wow, these guys are smart.  Just like us, they had been completely isolated by their disease, but then they wisely realized that if they stayed where they were, they were doing to die! We can’t stay where we are right now. If we let fear of failure or fear of catching the disease keep us in our place of isolation, then we will die. Our businesses, opportunities, financial security, and our families will not make it.

Now, as you are reading this you may be thinking, “I can’t go back out there! The disease could take my life.” Again, we need to continue safe practices but, we also need to exercise radical faith to believe the blood has us covered. God has our back, and the breakthrough has come!

The lepers exercised radical faith. They courageously went right into the center of the enemy camp! And look what happened when they stepped out in faith and defeated their fear!

“So after the sun went down they got up and went down to the camp of Aram.  When they got to the edge of the camp, surprise! Not a man in the camp! The Master had made the army of Aram hear the sound of horses and a mighty army on the march. … Panicked, they ran for their lives through the darkness, abandoning tents, horses, donkeys—the whole camp just as it was—running for dear life. These four lepers entered the camp and went into a tent. First they ate and drank. Then they grabbed silver, gold, and clothing, and went off and hid it. They came back, entered another tent, and looted it, again hiding their plunder.” 2 Kings 7:5-8 (MSG)

When you first step out of isolation, it’s going to feel like you have gone right into the middle of the diseased enemy camp! Fear will try to grip your heart and tell you that you are going to get sick and even die. But God has released a decree from Heaven that this pandemic is over! Remember what the verse above says, that God had made the enemy hear the sound of a mighty army on the march! Then the soldiers ran for their lives, leaving all that plunder behind for the people of God!

Let’s be like these lepers. Let’s do something radical.  Let’s have no fear.  Let’s go into the enemy camp!  The lepers left their isolation and went into the enemy camp, going from tent to tent plundering and pillaging. They ate and drank and became extremely rich, grabbing silver and gold by the armfuls!

I believe this is the Word from heaven right now concerning this pandemic. If we come against the spirit of fear and step out, we are going to score big! If you take advantage of this moment, your life will be totally changed! Now is the time to reopen your business, to make major adjustments to how it is run, and adapt to the new normal that this crisis has caused.

Now is the moment to open that new business the Lord put on your heart during this isolation, to execute creative ideas, to market new inventions that have been stirring in you, to start that online business you have been wanting to create, and to do all the projects the Lord is blessing you with so you can become more prosperous then you have ever been in your life.

You may think, “I can’t go back out now. I might catch the disease.  I can’t reopen my business because it will never succeed in this economy. I can’t start something new now. It’s too risky.” But, I’m telling you by the word of the Lord, that those who aren’t afraid, who come out of isolation and boldly exercise their faith will be blessed beyond imagination!

Now, check this out. The lepers finally went back to the city to tell the rest of the population what they had discovered. Yet, the blessings they described that lay just outside the gates of the city seemed too good to be true. Even the king doubted! This was his response to the extraordinarily good news.

”… Let me tell you,” he says, “what Aram has done. They knew that we were starving, so they left camp and have hid in the field, thinking, ‘When they come out of the city, we’ll capture them alive and take the city.’” 2 Kings 7:11-12 (MSG)

Trust and believe another wave of fear of a virus will soon attack our countries. There is already word that COVID-19 will return in the winter and begin taking lives again. Even Leaders will tell us, “The virus is coming back, so we need to stay in our isolation.” However, God’s people need to stand in faith that He is protecting those who are His and will make sure they continue to prosper.

When king Joram and the people of the city finally accepted the fact that the enemy had fled and piles of piles of extraordinary booty was within their reach. Everyone went crazy with excitement!

The king ordered his attendant to be in charge of the city gate. The people, turned into a mob, poured through the gate, trampling the attendant to death, then looted the camp of Aram. Food prices dropped overnight—a handful of meal for a shekel; two handfuls of grain for a shekel—God’s word to the letter!  Just as Elisha had said, the attendant did not get to partake.  He watched as he was trampled to death.

Look, I’m not judging.  I know it is difficult.  Many of us are fighting fear, but we do not need to be fear.  We have the Lord and the battle belongs to the Lord.

Trust and believe, you don’t want to be part of the starving mob that FINALLY rushed out the city gates. You want to be that business that is set up to serve the mob. You want to be working at that company that already has its doors open to receive them. You need to be that online store or that food service that is ready to serve needy hungry customers. I highly encourage you to read the entire story in 2 Kings 7, so that your faith can grow and wipe out your fear. Death and destruction do not rule over God’s people! We rule over them. Be blessed and be fearless!

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