It’s All About the Soul

Lesson 1

The glory light (dunamis) is a supernatural tool that will cause accelerated healing of the soul. The goal of these blogs is to enable our readers to get their souls healed by understanding how God uses dreams and visions in the process!

God in His sovereignty and mercy healed me of Lupus in spite of my lack of understanding. One day, as I was sitting on my bed I asked, “What’s going on, God? What is this Lupus thing all about?” He said one word, “Hezekiah.” Hezekiah was the king who had gotten sick and was going to die; but God, in His sovereignty, healed Hezekiah and extended his life when he turned his face towards the wall. When the Lord spoke that one word to me, ‘Hezekiah,’ I was instantly healed of Lupus! I love when God comes in and sovereignly does something super-cool like that! When I am totally clueless, overcome, and overwhelmed, when I have no idea what to do about it, God comes in anyway! He takes His big Poppa-Daddy hand and smashes the problem; He dissolves it and completely wipes it out. But, I also love being able to receive revelation – deep, detailed revelation, wisdom and understanding that cause me to be part of the miracle.

God uses dreams and visions to give insight so that we can be positioned to become part of the miracle. It’s how He leads us. It is a road map. It’s a guidance system. This insight allows us to bring the things of the invisible Kingdom of Heaven here to Earth, and to see them manifest in signs and wonders.

It is important for our soul to be completely healed because our soul is connected to everything in our life; to our relationships with our spouse, children, friends, church, and co-workers. It is connected to our level of peace and contentment, our finances and to our physical healing. We have been harassed in our minds and emotions; we have been waiting for a breakthrough in our finances and physical bodies. When our souls are healed, our dominion is going to shift and we will go to higher levels than ever before.

Our soul consists of our mind, will, and emotions. We are three-part beings, body, soul, and spirit. When we are born again our spirit is made instantly perfect. The Bible says that the same spirit that lives in Christ lives in us! However, upon regeneration in Christ, our soul is not made instantly perfect. Our mind, will, and emotions are constantly under the process of being healed and brought under the lordship of Jesus Christ. That is why 2 Corinthians10:5 commands us to take captive into the obedience of Christ every thought and imagination that would set itself up against the knowledge of God. This scripture indicates that there is a process of bringing our soul into healing and under submission to Jesus.

Over our lifetime, all of us have experienced situations that have left wounds on our soul, and those wounds affect every part of our soul. They can control our mind and the way we think, thus the decisions that we make. They effect our will, which is our ability to choose right from wrong, and our emotions, causing us to have unbalanced, unhealthy, and even dangerous emotions like rage. The wounds on our soul have the ability to control us and can cause us to sin! Paul talks about this in Romans 7:20 (AMPC), “Now if I do what I do not desire to do, it is no longer I doing it. It is not myself that acts but the sin principle which dwells within me fixed and operating in my soul.” Paul was saying that the last thing that he wanted to do was sin! But, the sin principle that was fixed and operating inside his soul was controlling him and causing him to sin.

Here is the problem –we can try all we want to be holy and say, “I’m not going to yell at my spouse! I’m not going to boss my kids around! I’m not going to snap at that person at work!” But before we know, it happens. “YOU BETTER SHUT UP! STOP! GET OUT OF MY FACE!!!” It is that sin principle, fixed and operating inside of our soul. It makes us snap! It’s controlling us! When those wounds inside our souls get healed, it becomes so much easier to walk in holiness, blamelessness, and righteousness before the Lord.

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  • Jean Juskie

    Thanks so much–perfect timing! And, I’d forgotten Paul’s encouragments as my temper got pretty short dealing with big city traffic, a new airline, moving and the “normal” stressors of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Just what i needed!

  • Connie Austin

    Please pray for me to be totally healed in my soul. Been dealing with back pain and nerve issues in my legs and feet. Numbness. I need healing in my soul of past rejection and hurts. Failed marriages.

    • BedaB

      Connie – HIs love, never fails. We might, but HE does not. Be encouraged that it is HIM, not you who brings the healing. STAND, stop everything else, and KNOW that HE is God. Wash in the WATER – the GLORY of our LORD Jesus Christ. The author and perfector of your faith. He called you –

    • Melissa Kaufman

      Been there and this what The Lord showed me!
      There was a broken trust with my earthly father, whom I love dearly but he didn’t protect me so I didn’t trust my husband or God. Once the light shine on the truth and I forgave my father, then ask God to forgive me and then forgave myself and demanded my healing, I was healed and my marriage was blessed and my relationship with my Father God grew into an amazing relationship
      Praise The Lord!

  • Melissa Kaufman

    Dear Katie,

    I too was healed of Lupus, almost 20 years ago!
    I great book was put in my hands ‘A More Excellent Way’! Written by Henry Wright.
    It showed my my sin in three different roots in my soul. I didn’t understand but I was obedient!
    I did not lean on my own understanding!
    When the doctor told me I had Lupus, I said my Doctor is Jesus and He showed me my roots of sin! When she (the Doctor) heard that she broke down and cried for 45 minuets! She finally got composed and asked me if I really understood what I was saying? I said ‘no’ but for God!
    She then stood in agreement with me for my healing! And I was healed in Less than 24 hours later! She also told me that ALL DOCTORS know that most sickness and diseases are spiritual! For me that stared a Journey too complete Healing of my soul and Hence to your teaching!!!

    • Linda Jones

      I loved reading this. If possible will get this book also. Xxx

  • Savita George

    Thank you Katie.

  • Cheryl Bellmore

    I want to understand more about this sinful soul. I’ve been studying about it but want to go deeper. I have so many physical issues after getting hit by a semi truck and then having a stroke. My goal is to be able to go to bed at night with out needing any medication. Right now I take between 20 and 25 pills in the morning and at night. I really want to just be able to go to bed and not have to be concerned about my medication. Thank you for your ministry and I look forward to reading more.

    • Glenesha

      Same here. Diagnosed 11 years ago with lupus. Seen God moved in my life miraculously but haven’t experienced a complete manifestation of my healing. It’s like it’s going in stages. He heals me from one ailment then here comes another flare up. I need some deep revelation as to why this happens.

  • Martha Rosborough

    I am ssooo grateful for Katie Souza’s Ministry and the anointed teachings she provides to God’s people. God delivered and Healed me from alcohol 2 years ago this past September and I have been shouting from the roof top ever since ! God brought Katie Souza’s teachings to my attention and I am so thankful.. My husband passed away January 27 2017 and I have watched God provide and protect me through this difficult season. I have so many health issues I am expecting God to heal and so many wonderful Blessings coming my way this year. I have literally set my mind and heart like a flint believing for great things this New Year ! A beautiful new chapter being written before my very eyes .. thank You Lord for loving me so much more than I could have ever thought possible. And the best is yet to come .. and, thank You Lord for this AMAZING Ministry .. I pray a multitude of ABUNDANT BLESSINGS over each of them .. God Bless you Ms Katie Souza ..

  • Donna Sweet

    Dear Katie & You’re Awesome Team!
    I have been following you for many years now. I feel I am just now starting to get your teachings. I hope. I’ve been suffering with. I don’t know what really. The doctors say. Rumitord arthritus. That I’m in need of hip surgery. And something with my arm. They just did not know. This started in mid August. So tired of the pain. I have an 11 year old daughter that has been forced to take care of me. Crazy. I’ve become 4 months behind on my mortgage. I know God has got this. So strange not to have the ability to just go to work. I feel I am starting to come out of it. I’ve tried to pull the snakes off. But I never seem to have vision of them to grab them. Please join me in prayer to capture the vision I need to remove what is causing my pain and financial nosedive.
    Love All that you do.

  • Reneiloe Sepharatla

    I need prayers also of my soul to be healed.

  • Carole Lewis

    Please pray for my heart tumors in the lower chambers. I have listened to your healing school cds and have felt a change. Also just bought your soaking cds. Been a Christian for over 45 years. Called to a prayer ministry at my home church. The dunamis power has been released in my prayers since i became aware through your cds.Your ministry is for such a time as this. You are in my prayers. Sister Carole

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