It is truth. It works!!

I heard your ministry at New Covenant Fellowship when you came to our church and taught us how to get soul wounds healed. As I mowed my yard, I would go through that process of opening ancient doors & gates and asking Jesus to come in with His blood and put it on all the sin, trauma and everything that was not of Him. Then I asked Him to come with His dunamis light and heal all the soul wounds and take back that territory. Then I commanded the powers of darkness to leave because now, they have no legal right to be there. And now Father heal me from head to toe because I’m much more open to it. So, I’ve done that process many times. I’ve had a few health events that I’m trying to get past, so I visit a chiropractor who I am getting nutritional supplements from. To see what’s going on and chart a course, they do a “bio-scan” by wetting your wrist and putting on a band that reads your body systems and even your emotions. We did that about a month ago and one of the top things that showed up in my emotions was “contempt”!!! The lady doing the test assured me that lots of weird things showed up and that was nothing to worry about. She said it could be something that’s coming at you or you know – anything! I went home and thought about that word. Yes, that word fit. I had been in a very abusive marriage with a guy who was very charming to outsiders but abusive to me. So they hated me and loved him. A whole church had contempt for me, and others in the community because they had been so influenced by him. All I could do was keep quiet because there was no way to straighten any of that out. So eventually, I had contempt for what he did to me & what they did to me to turn my world upside-down! So yes, contempt! So, I knew the process was the answer to get rid of that!! I did it, and I did it thoroughly knowing that eventually, we would run that test again and I wanted to see what it showed!!! So, yesterday, we did the bio-scan again and the word contempt was nowhere on the list!!! I was amazed at the clarity of this! I mean – it’s there! The blood and the dunamis totally take it away so that it is NOT there!! There were other words there this time like abandonment, separation, isolation etc, but not contempt! I am SO grateful. Now to go after the others!!! God really has the power to take care of us and make us well, and whole. Thank you SO MUCH Katie for spreading the word of what you have been taught by God!!! It is truth. It works!!


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