It Is The Lord Who Heals

Praise the Lord for healing me! I listened to the testimonies on healing from inflammation and was so encouraged. I have had heel pain in my left foot and pain in my right knee and was eager for healing because I am going to Israel and we will do a lot of walking. I wear Orthaheels all the time to support my feet because in the past I had plantar fasciitis and that was healed in the past except for the residual heel pain which I experienced upon getting up and walking. So while Katie prayed, God revealed the idol to me and I released it. I did not feel any heat throughout the prayer, but as soon as it was finished, I jumped out of the bed threw my feet into my slippers and started walking. Hallelujah! No pain in my heel. I walked and walked around the house and no pain! I spoke aloud “I believe it!” over and over so my words would agree with my healing. The pain in my knee was still there, so I prayed and commanded every part of my knee to come into alighnment accd to the way it was created by the Lord. Then again, without entertaining doubt, I just got up and walked around. I am healed! PRAISE THE LORD! Thank you so much, Katie, for praying for me. I know it is the Lord who heals and you are His faithful servant. Thank you! -C. S.

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