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International Speaker, Katie Souza, frequently speaks at healing conferences, church events, corporate gatherings, and more. Her presentations are insightful, energetic, and filled with personal anecdotes and humor. Katie’s common sense approach to Bible revelation is easy to follow, understand, and practice. If you would like to invite Katie to speak at an event in your city, we’d love to hear from you! Fill out the Reach Out to Us form located on this page.

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To invite Katie to co-host or be a guest on your social media event, please fill out the Reach Out to Us form below and include as much information as possible. Our Events team will contact you, shortly. If your ministry would like to partner with Katie Souza’s Team for an event or conference, please fill out the Reach Out to Us form and our Events team will follow up with further requirements needed.

Trusted Testimonials

“The amazing insights that she has been given by the Holy Spirit can lead believers into both noteworthy and extraordinary miracles! Katie Souza has unique and unusual revelation from the word of God to bring healing to the soul. Katie’s teachings also train others how to minister in the healing gifts of Christ!”

Pastor Tony Kemp

Tony Kemp Ministries

“The Scripture teaches us in Ephesians 4 that God gives to the church both teachers and prophets for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. Some of these people are themselves gifts to the body of Christ. Katie Souza is one such gift from God!”

Kevin Basconi

King of Glory Ministries

“Katie Souza is a friend of mine, and I assure you she embodies what she teaches. I am confident you will find the God who heals…Embrace these principles as she has, and you too can gain newness of life, just as God always intended.”

Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter Ministries

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