Lesson 8

A very important aspect of defeating idols is by taking them to court. I’m going to teach you how to do that, in future lessons. You’re going to see biblical proof about it, and we’re all going to go up together, so that you can win your case in court.

Before I go into the teaching, I want to raise your faith by sharing some metal miracles with you, because you can see these kinds of miracles too.

In 1995, a man named Terry, was shot, at point blank range, in the right hip with a .357, which shattered his right hip. The bullet spun back around, and lodged in the back of his pelvis. Seventeen pieces of his hip had to be wired together with all kinds of metal hardware. He also had other problems, like sciatica shooting down his leg. After years of constant pain, at a level of 7 or 8, his pain level was now zero!!

Quando had an injury to his hand; there was a scar there, about two inches long. He had broken it in a Kung Fu fight. The doctors used metal to hold the bones together. The previous night, we prayed a couple of different times, and he felt the metal getting smaller and smaller. He had more and more movement with his thumb. We had tested his hand with the metal detector the night before, and there was still metal in his hand. However, he felt it getting smaller and smaller, and his range of motion was much better.

I’ve told this story before, but it is so important because idols are not just something from the Old Testament. We have idols affecting us today. My friend, John Blake, got totally healed of ammonia on his brain, when an idol that was in his soul, was removed by the power of the Holy Spirit and dunamis. That ammonia was causing Alzheimer’s type symptoms. He couldn’t remember sentences or type anymore, because he had excessive levels of ammonia in his brain. Well, the word ammonia comes from the Egyptian god, Amman, who was an idol that the Egyptians worshiped. Idols live in the soul realm. Your spirit man doesn’t chase after idols. It doesn’t chase after money, or lust for food or shopping, it’s your soul that does that. So, when I prayed for his soul, he was completely healed! He went and got tested by three independent doctors. All the tests came back that his ammonia levels were normal for the first time in his life!

The Bible says that idols are deaf, dumb, blind, and crippled, so they can’t see, hear, walk, or talk. When you have an idol in your soul, it can affect your physical vision and hearing, can make you crippled, and can cause stuttering or speech problems. I have a video of a man that had broken his tibia and fibula three times in one month. When they took an MRI of his bones, they looked like spider webs. He had two braces and a cane, when he came to my meeting. But when he got healed of an idol in his soul, bam, he took off the braces, threw away the cane, and began doing squats up on stage.

Idols are making us crippled, so people are walking around with canes and using wheelchairs. Overseas, we have lines of people needing to be healed of deafness and blindness, because there’s so much idolatry. In India, they worship two million idols! Blind Bartimaeus was blind from birth, and Jesus healed him. Now, the Bible goes out of its way to say that he was blind Bartimaeus son of Timaeus. Why does the Bible mention who Bartimaeus’ father was? Because of what the name Timaeus means; it means “to defile oneself with idols”! Blind Bartimaeus’ father was an idol worshiper, and that caused him to be blind from birth.

I’m showing you how to heal the sick by driving out demons. I want to show you how to get miracles to happen – how to even have metal disappear. One of the things you do, is get rid of your idols.

I also want to show you how idols affect our spiritual gifts, but I don’t have enough space for that topic this week. We will go over that revelation next time!

Big Love,

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