I know healing has come to my family…

Hi Katie & team,
Let me start by saying, I have so much to testify about since I have started watching Katie’s healing your soul episodes on YouTube. And I have even purchased some soaking mp3s and sleep with them on. I spent the day today soaking and watching the offense series. I was fighting a lot of offense.
I am the youngest of 4 siblings (only 3 of us alive). For as long as I’ve been alive, we’ve never had a relationship. I’ve always wanted one and have been praying for us lately.
After the day of soaking, I decided to watch a television show where siblings were feuding. After the show, I literally felt a wound in my gut and I didn’t understand why. I could not sleep and I had no peace, so I went back to the offense series. This was at 23:30. As I was praying along with Katie and my pain was starting to lift, my brother, who hasn’t spoken to me in a looooong time sent me a message asking to reconcile. Not just with me, but he wanted it for all of us. This is NOT a coincidence.
I know healing has come to my family and I thank God for you -L.M.

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