I Did Not Lose My Cool

Good day.

I have listened to most if your episodes. I especially believe in the offense part. I have been so offended that I believe I need to be “peeled like an onion.”

I have sinusitis due to my allergies.  I knew it would take time for me to be delivered and I wanted to make sure whether my sinus condition is linked to my allergies or because of my constant taking offense.

I never received instant healing like those people that were on your show. As I mentioned I never expected any reaction immediately because of me always being offended. I believe I’m still in process for more change. Positively. Financially.

I have seen such a lot of things change in my life, especially the fact that I’m not as bothered as before. I tend to think before answering which is something I have never done before, I simply spoke my mind.  To me, this is major!  Recently I was in a conflict situation and was so surprised that I did not loose my cool.

Thanks,  Katie for being obedient to God and showing me how to do the same.  I now believe that I did have offense. -V.K.

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