I Am Grateful

Hi, in April of 2017 I came down with a rare Ecoli infection, while attending my graduation in Phoenix and by the fourth day of intense diarrhea and vomiting, with stomach pain, I went to the ER when I returned home. They did a scat can and it came back a very bad case of colitis. They admitted me because this time I was dehydrated and wanted to do further testing. They then found Sagella a rare ecoli that attacks the colon and stomach. They had started prior to diagnosis anti-biotic and when they found what it was, stopped anti-biotic, because it doesn’t work and makes things worst. There is really nothing they can give you to cure it but try to flush it out with IV. I then started loosing blood and their diagnosis was blood disease, which could then affect my kidneys. The doctor wasn’t sure of my outcome and it became very scary. Weak and scared, also quarantined, I wasn’t able to have visitors or my family, without full protection gear on. I didn’t want my kids contacting it so I kept everyone away. I was laying in my bed and got a call from your ministry. I couldn’t reach my cell phone, so the person a male, left a message. They wanted me to know that Katie asked them to call and pray for me for healing and prayed a awesome prayer, which I felt the anointing. I never thanked your ministry but I soon recovered, which they told me if I wasn’t in good shape, it probably would have killed me. Usually those over 50 and young kids, die from it. I am coming to Port Huron for Katie on the 17th and would love to share a testimony! I am grateful for God and healing and Katie for taking the time, to pray for  me. -C. G.

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