House Call

Thursday I was on the telephone prayer call with Katie Souza Ministries team for their 2 o’clock conference call with KSM partners praying for me. Think about it. I am in severe pain with two broken teeth and cannot get out of bed. Question? How is it even possible to see a dentist and fix my teeth and get rid of this horrible pain? God is our only hope with the mightily power of the Holy Spirit intervening! The forgiving Blood of Our Lord and Savior the Messiah Jesus! So, Friday morning a team of dentists came to my house to fix my teeth. It is just unbelievable that a person could find a dentist in any city, including San Francisco. In God’s providence a famous dentist office is now practicing in a geographical location in proximity to me! Thank You Jesus for your Love and Care. The dentist fixed my teeth and relieved my pain greater than I had ever expected! -J. G.

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