Devotional Reflection

Holy Spirit Said What?!

By Lalenunat Johnson

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV)

A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.”  Proverbs 16:9 (AMPC)

It was summer of 2017, and I lived in Wisconsin.  I had served for over 18 years in Education with a Business Management background.  I had many successes, awesome doors opened, and received invaluable training.  I was blessed to be connected for years with a high performing school network that, against all odds, statistics, demographics, naysayers, etc., not only produced high performing scholars, but highly effective educators and school leaders.

So, I was groomed in that environment.  I also served with Teach for America, then as a Woodrow Wilson Education Leadership Fellow, and as a school leader with the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT), a Christian organization that developed teachers and school leaders, in a Godly environment.  It didn’t get any better than that.  But it did! I then landed a district leadership role to do what I loved – coach and develop school leaders.  My path in education was good, and getting better every day. I had landed my dream job, and was excited to start my new position, but God…

The night before my start, I could not rest.  The slight nagging feeling, that check I had in my spirit, now became profound and clear.  I had a knowing, with a seriousness and sense of urgency that I could not deny, that God had another plan – a mandate that I could not ignore.  I felt peace only when I surrendered by plans, ideas, thoughts, and agenda and agreed to the call of the Lord.

I heard the Lord say that I was not to start the new position.  I was to move to the Phoenix, AZ area and help Katie Souza in her ministry. I recalled a dream that I had months earlier where Katie and her team were holding a very exclusive event, that was by invitation only.  This event was for only about 20 to attend (the same number as staff members), and was held at Katie’s house.  In that dream, I promised that I would not turn down an opportunity to reside there if asked.

So, with nothing but the sure word of the Lord, I did not start the position. Without having applied or having other income set up, I made immediate plans to relocate to AZ.  I contacted KSM’s Partners Dept. stating that I was thinking of moving to AZ and requested their prayers. That is all.  I did not mention my dream.  I did not mention that I felt God’s leading for me to work there.  I just asked for prayer for clarity.

Well, the reply I received included a request for my resume.  I thought I would be assisting the ministry with writing and curriculum, but God had yet another plan.  After about a month of work on curriculum, the Office Operations and Prison Outreach Manager’s steps were ordered by the Lord as she too made a shift.  God moved her to focus more on what He had given her, (which is now another arm connected to KSM), and selected me as her replacement.

“Wait! What? So you don’t want me to just ‘work’ for Katie but you want me to be the manager?  This is the plan that you have, Lord?  I am not to just work on curriculum, but You are placing me in a managerial leadership role. This is a role of influence and of extreme importance.”  My God!  Was I ever humbled by this.  “Lord, this is not something to take lightly.  This is of vital importance to your plan of direction for this entire ministry – for where you are taking this ministry and Katie!”   Wow!  I was floored.  No matter how versed I was in education, I did not find a role in AZ that I wanted to move into because God had already ordered my steps to serve in leadership here at Katie Souza Ministries.  I let go of my plans, because the Lord had directed my steps.

What in your life are you working towards that might not be God’s plan for you?

Pray and ask Holy Spirit if you are in the right place. Ask if your current season is to continue or ending?  Is it time for a shift?

Ask, “Am I in your will for my life for this season? Do I stay still, or do I shift?”

Then, listen for Holy Spirit’s guidance, hear, and have the courage to really heed the reply you receive.  Trust the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. Share with us any revelation you received, or even the response from Holy Spirit!! We love to hear from you.

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