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The first two of these healing testimonies happened during the making of this new series!

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Two more great healing testimonies one recorded live in prison!

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In this teaching, Katie shows you how to partner with Holy Spirit to:

  • Get the divine counsel of God for every situation.

  • Find things hidden from you that have been blocking your financial increase.
  • Get divine healing to manifest in both your soul and body.

  • Walk in extraordinary powers.

  • Cultivate your spiritual gifts.

  • Become so full of Holy Spirit that every hindrance will be removed.

  • Break every generational iniquity and curse in your bloodline.

As you are soaking, Katie will show you how to work with Holy Spirit to:

  • Find out the hidden things that have been blocking you from receiving all of God’s promises.

  • Uncover things in your ancestry that have been causing disease, relationship issues, and financial lack then position yourself for financial increase.
  • Wipe out every curse in your bloodline.

  • Cause every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms to manifest in your life.

  • Heal you of every negative character bent so you will walk in the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Quicken your mortal body to bring physical healing to every area of your body.

  • Cause super abundant miracles to manifest in every place you need them.

  • Enable you to walk through open doors of blessings and veer away from bad decisions.

  • Learn how to still your mind and take control of your thoughts.

  • …and so much more!

Katie compiled this soaker with anointed Psalmist Janie DuVall, and it has already brought revelation and breakthrough to countless people. As you listen you will become full of and controlled by Holy Spirit so that you can get dominion in every area of your life!

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