Hearing from God Lesson 7

On the next day of the fast, I asked the Lord if I should take a trip to Bethel. He said yes. “Okay Lord, if that was You, give me a scripture,” I replied.
He said, “Matthew 10:10.” It told me not take a bag or a purse on my journey!

In this story, Jesus sent out His disciples on a journey. For that journey, He gave them the power to drive out demons, and heal the sick. I knew that when I went to Bethel Church I was going to get the anointing to drive out demons and heal the sick!

At the time, I wasn’t sure if my parents were supposed to go with me. There can be many things involved when we are walking out what God tells us to do. He is the One with all the answers, so we must seek His direction when we are unsure of the details in our assignment. If we ask Him, He can clear up any confusion that attaches itself to what we are trying to achieve or the problem we are trying to solve.

I began getting scriptures in my mind. When I went to them, they weren’t making any sense at all. Some scripture addresses weren’t even there, like Matthew 89:10. When that happens, drop it. God is not talking to you about that at this time. Just move on.

When I went over to my parents’ house, my Dad told me that the Lord gave him Genesis 24, which is the story of when Abraham sent his servant, Eleazar, to another country to bring back a wife for his son. Dad then said, “I think this means that I’m Abraham, you are Eleazar, and you are going on a trip to bring back an anointing, which will bring back my wife!”

Another lesson I learned at this time was that when my Dad said those words to me, I got that level of peace and assurance. That is the Holy Spirit telling you, “I just spoke to you, and I gave you the answer.” I read the chapter that God gave dad to see what else I could glean from it. I noticed that it said two times that the angel of the Lord would go before Eleazar to make his trip profitable. There was that angel of the Lord thing again.

I asked the Lord when I should go. I got quiet and in my mind, in my voice, I heard, “November 9th, 10th and 11th.” There was the 11 that mom was seeing before.

I asked God for a confirmation that these were the correct dates to go. He was quiet. Then He “highlighted” a page that I had previously tucked into my Bible. It fell out of a Bible that I had used in prison. When I say “highlight” I mean that I felt drawn to it, kind of a magnetic drawing, like I needed to pick it up and read it. I asked God if this had anything to do with the confirmation I was looking for, and He told me to look at it. I scrutinized the whole page, fine print, and all, and I did not see anything, so I read it again. I still did not see anything. I told God, “I do not get it. I read this whole thing over and I did not read anything that confirms it for me.”
He said, “I did not tell you to read it. I told you to look at it.”

Having stood corrected, I pulled it back and looked at it, and sure enough, it was from the book of Zachariah, chapters 9, 10, and 11! At that very moment, my sister called to tell me that she got a really good price on air fare for November 9th, 10th and 11th!

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