Hearing from God Lesson 10

A few months later, mom received another healing. Again, while I was at a meeting, God spoke to me, and told me that there were 57 days until November 11th. He said, “I’m telling you this because I want to prove to you that what I’m telling you next is going to happen. Your mom is going to die before November 11th, but she’s going to be resurrected from the dead.”
On November 1st, my father and I went on a 10-day fast. Then on November 7th I got the call from my dad telling me that mom was in a coma and would die within two hours. I said, “Praise the Lord. We are right on time!”

Walking up to the entrance of her house, I declared, “I take dominion by the power that Jesus has given me over the spirit of death, and I command you to flee from my mom and for her to be resurrected!”

When I went into mom’s room, she was in coma; her eyes were wide open but glazed over as if she was already dead. Her tongue was swollen and she was panting heavily. I walked over to her, and said, “You will not die! You will live!”

Two hours later she woke up and said, “All I can remember is that I died!”

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