Healing While We Sleep

Hi Katie, I want to affirm your recent teaching on deliverance and healing and more by the Lord through the night hours of our sleep. I was saved in 1982 at a Nicki Cruze crusade in the company of an officer/friend who had once arrested me. Crying on his wife’s shoulder, we made our way to the front of the stage for the public prayer for forgiveness and acceptance of Jesus Christ. My experience with dreams was even before salvation, but once I was saved, boom! Right away I had a vivid dream that seemed more like going over my history than a dream. Jesus showed me where I came from, not like watching, but being there in the moment it happened. When I was only a spirit being living inside the Father, and how I was influenced by my friends leaving to go to this earth place. So I finally asked to go because I knew somehow they were very special for going, and I wanted to be special like them. I was then taken to a place to see parts of my life and had the choice to accept it or stay and I accepted. This was the beginning of my experience of God’s ministry in the night while I slept. It’s been 30+ years later and I still dream healing, deliverance, and I know at times I go places to help others in bad situations. Honestly, I sort of figured everyone knows this is a part of God’s ministry to us? So when you said you got blasted about teaching this, I for one feel thankful and glad that finally someone is teaching on it!! It’s so elementary in the Father’s love to help us even in our sleep!! Why not for goodness sake, otherwise we might want to take some credit for our growth. I am so proud of you Katie and all you are doing. Keep up the GOOD work lovely sister! In Christ because there is no other. -R.F.

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