Healing of the Soul

Dear Katie. To the One, “God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not”, I give all the glory and honour and worship, and every adoration that I can find in me..it is all His. So wonderful to hear about your story. I got to know about what you do last year 2018 and am amazed at the Grace of God on you. Listening to you brings a smile to my face, you do not make deliverance spooky. It all seems so easy and all dependent on the power of Holy Spirit. Shouldn’t it be that way?I battled with repeating flu symptoms, fever and very painful sores in my nose back in November of last year. I could not go to work cause of the pain in my nose. One day while flipping through TV channels I found your teaching on FaithUSA TV. What you talked about made sense to me…I kept listening to you more regularly since that time…teachings on legion, wounds caused by pain in our lives…wow.. Healing of the Soul….indeed….and Dunamis ….oooo I love that. So as I pray in the line of these teachings, I believe God is healing me..it is funny I even think I lost some weight without diet… as I pray with other teachers, I apply the knowledge of Healing the Soul and Resurrection Power. I am now believing God to pay my financial debt, I promised Him that when He gives me the money, I shall sow into Katie Souza Ministries. God bless you and your family both at home and in ministry. Hugs, -P. K.

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