Lesson 6

As promised, we are going to move into activation’s. By that I mean we are going to apply faith to scriptures and allow Holy Spirit to move and do what He does, heal, restore and redeem. 2nd Chronicles 16:9 (AMP) says, “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth so that he may support those whose hearts are completely his….”

Let’s get healed. This will be in two steps. People think all we need is the cross. Yes, we need the cross, but we need everything Jesus did. We desperately need the cross, but we need the resurrection as well. Remember, Jesus paid a full payment on the cross, a penalty for sin, sickness in your body and soul. But that payment doesn’t go into effect without the resurrection.

Without the resurrection, Jesus is dead in the tomb and his payment is dead with him.

As a believer, you should be baptized into Christ. You went down in death with him at the cross. But, this is extremely important, you came up. Physically, you went under the water, but you came up, right? You knew that was the deal when you allowed Pastor to take you under the water, right? When Jesus gave himself to death, he had every intention of coming out of it.

You were probably taught to plead the blood over yourself and your family members. We put our problems under the blood. Now, plead dunamis, so you can partake of the other thing Jesus did. Decree your soul is excellent. “Dunamis” means “excellent of soul”. It is from the resurrection. If you are born-again, you are filled with dunamis. Say it out loud, “I am excellent of soul”.

Jesus defeated the enemy with both the cross and the resurrection. He defeated the enemy with both the blood and dunamis. In Colossians 2, it says he disarmed the powers and authorities, making a public spectacle over them, triumphing over them at the cross. At the cross, Jesus made a fool of Satan! He triumphed over Satan at the cross and, when you partake of the blood, so do you!

Jesus didn’t use the cross only. He also used dunamis power to defeat Satan. Read it in Acts 10:38. It says God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with Holy Spirit and power, dunamis. And he went around doing good, healing all who were oppressed of the devil. He attacked demons with dunamis.

When Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, he went to towns and villages healing all the people by releasing a power to perform a miracle to heal their bodies. The people became excellent of soul. They were healed of wounds they had in common with the demons that were on them. He did it with dunamis.

We have not been doing that and I believe this is why we do not always achieve total victory. We’ve been using the name of Jesus, as we should. But we have not been pleading dunamis power. If we were, we would become what dunamis means, excellent of soul. Then every wound inside of us would be healed.

Put your hand on your chest or your stomach. You are about to prophetically decree these things into your soul.

Pray this: “Thank you, God. Right now in the name of Jesus, I put the blood of Jesus on any sin in my soul that has wounded me and caused me to dwell among the tombs. Lord, search my soul. Search my soul now, please. I ask you to go to every wound that I have in common with the demonic attack that is currently assailing me. I speak to my soul and decree, be filled with the blood. Every sin that created a wound in common with this assault is washed clean by the blood right now.”

Pray this: “Holy Spirit, show me any sin for which I can repent. Reveal it to me now so I can apply the blood of the cross to it. Show me where I must forgive someone.” When the circumstance is revealed, repent, forgive and cover it with the blood of the cross.

Are you holding to an old wound? It’s a tomb, marking that place, reminding you of the offense caused by someone against you. Let it go. Ask Jesus to heal that wound and make your soul excellent.

Decree Colossians 2. Say, “By his blood, Jesus is disarming the powers and authorities that are over me. He is disarming them. He is making a public spectacle of them at the cross. He is disarming powers and authorities of darkness over me.”

Now, pray this: “I want to know the power of the resurrection right now, Lord. I want to know the power of the resurrection. Show me the power of the resurrection, Lord. I’m dwelling among the tombs. I need that power. I need that power, God. I’m desperate for the power. I am desperate not to dwell among the tombs anymore. Fill me with dunamis.”

Cry out to Jesus, “Show me dunamis. I want to know that power. I want to know that power. Fill me with dunamis so I can be excellent of soul. I don’t want to live among the tombs. I’m desperate to come out from among the tombs. Look upon me as you looked upon the demoniac, Lord. Deliver me from the tombs in my soul, Jesus. Heal me, Lord. I don’t want to dwell there anymore.”

As you go through your days, whisper this to yourself. Remind yourself you are filled with dunamis and are excellent of soul. It is the power to perform a miracle. Your body and soul will receive ministry.

What are you? I am excellent of soul!  -K.S.

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  • Lael Lewis Banta

    Wow! Thank you so much! I so needed this!!… And my children (one who has had some autism) I declare she is excellent of soul, as am I

  • Kathleen

    Great lesson. Can I also pray this for my family? My husband is trapped in generational sin of alcoholism, like his own father.

    • Robert Souza

      Kathleen you sure can pray this for my family!

  • Vicki Christian

    Thank you Katie we all honor what God has done in you and what you do for us all- Love and ShalomI had a dream/experience in my sleep the other night where my body was floating in mid air and I was looking at myself (like a second person) and speaking to it, commanding RESURRECTION POWER over myself and DUNAMIS it was not a dream very powerful my body began lifting up higher and higher- Jesus is AWESOME!!!! Blessings 1000x to you and Robert as we begin a new season, opportunities and new alignments…in Him Vicki C

  • Donna Nelson

    Thanks Katie for your most excellent teaching. God’s Blessings and Shalom,

  • Tonya Basahm

    Claiming, believing and recieving in the name of Jesus! Amen

  • Robyn Chrystall

    As I read and declared this teaching I felt such excitement in my being. Thank you

  • Emma Clark

    Thank you with all my heart for these prayers, Katie! As I prayed them I am moved to tears by God’s power. Things are changing in me little by little. I am desperate to know His power. Thank you for being faithful to share what God has taught you.

  • Pattie Perry

    I am praying these faith activation’s and decrees…believing…for my children, husband, and family….with all my heart. I believe. God bless you, Katie…for this anointed teaching Love, Pattie

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