Healed of Bitterness and Prospered

We had been doing what Katie suggested with her sessions.  One session she was speaking about asking specifically what the wound is in our souls.  Not to guess, but ask the Lord.  When I went to prayer meeting at our church –  I asked for prayer without going into detail – a lady began praying for healing for my husband, Bob –  regarding his gallstones.  I knew he didn’t have gallstones currently, but I remembered Katie saying to take seriously words that are brought to our attention.  Katie had the example of even “Pumpkin” and “Tulip.”  So, when I got home I looked up the word “gallstone” and it was incredible.   In the dictionary it said under “Gallstone”: a “bitter fluid”  it even had the word “bitterness”  We began to pray that God would cover our souls in his blood ….heal any wounds associated with “bitterness” with His dunamis resurrection power.   I believe it was eight days later…so much work came in – it was unbelievable.  Well 🙂 absolutely believable with God!  We had been going through a drought financially – this was an absolute incredible testimony to the Lord healing our souls and as Katie brings out in the verse….”as our souls prosper….so shall we…..”  -Abigail

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