Healed of 29 Year Sugar Addiction

At the age of 11 my parents got divorced and I began eating excessive sugary food to suppress the anxiety I experienced. This began a habit that caused me to develop a 29 year sugar addiction and no matter what I did I could not kick it. After applying your soul healing teaching I have been healed of a 29 year sugar addiction and am no longer using food to suppress my feelings. I have been able to resist temptation to food and have begun to lose weight very easily. In the past I would lose weight for a little while and struggle to maintain it because I was so bound to using food to suppress my feelings and I couldn’t resist eating excessive sugary foods to make my flesh feel good when problems arose. I am no longer bound to the sugary foods and I have been able to very easily chose to eat healthy foods and have no desire to reach for those foods anymore. I am set free praise Jesus and I am so happy thank God. This has bound me for 29 years and I honestly thought I would never be free but now I am. thank you Jesus you are the best! -S. J.

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