Healed Knee

Hi Katie
I just finished attending your Denver Visit at Bridgeway Church and thank you for coming. During the last night of your visit…during worship my left knee started to swell and become painful and hot to touch. I had injured my knee one year ago and it has been weak and clicked and popped when I walked and climbed stairs. Anyway, during the evening my knee started the be painful and I had several people around me pray to put “fire” on it and to remove any snake that might be in the knee. I also felt heat that could be felt through me jeans. Anyway, I had to limp for some of the night but as I got home after the weekend was finished my knee started to feel better. The next day..Sunday, I awoke to no knee pain, no swelling and I am now able to walk around with my knee feeling strong and without any popping or clicking. The first time in a year. Thanks to Jesus for healing my knee and thanks to you for coming to help guide us in deliverance and healing. I am enjoying walking around and climbing stairs now with 2 strong knees again. Blessings, -T. N.

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