He Lives In Me

Lesson 2

Last week we talked about how we are reclaiming our inheritance, which God gave us when He created the heavens. I explained the connection we have with time and space, and that God is not subject to time or space. I just love that! I love that our God is bigger than His creation. Know what else I love? He lives in me! Through the power of His Spirit, I am part of Him, and He is part of me! That means I am able to do things in time and space with Him! As we reclaim our inheritance, it is important to remember who we are, who we are created to be, and be willing to go where He sends us.

How do we begin to reclaim our inheritance, and how does this relate to Soul Healing? I’m glad you asked! Remember Hezekiah and his blood line? Look up Isaiah 38 again and read it. In fact, play it out loud in your house, or while you sleep. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

As we fill our ears and eyes with this chapter, our faith will strengthen for the belief that God uses the cosmos to go back through time in our bloodlines as well. Some will say what I am proposing is impossible because the planets aren’t going to stop spinning, then go in reverse for me. I agree but that can easily happen in the spirit. What happens in the spirit dimension is superior to what happens in this dimension. In fact this natural world was birthed out of the spirit realm. So whatever happens there affects us here.

As you play this word over and over it will propel you into an activation. Holy Spirit has often quickened me to put my faith in God being able to do for me what He did for Hezekiah. When those moments come, I play Isaiah 38 over and over, as well as meditate on it and decree it. As I hear and speak these passages, my faith rises for the Father to use the cosmos as my heritage, and turn back time on the sundial of my ancestors. I can’t tell you how many times I have been cured of serious diseases through this process. I get healed and the enemy gets slain in their tents while I sleep!

Let me give an example. I was on tour in Oklahoma a while ago, and during a teaching session, I suddenly got physically attacked. My sinuses and throat started swelling up making it very difficult to swallow and breathe and I was also feeling extreme body pain. As soon as I was done with the session, I went to lie down in the green room. I put Isaiah 38 on repeat in my headphones and began to put my faith on the sunlight going backwards on the sundial of my ancestors. Within just a few minutes, I started traveling in the spirit.

I was constantly moving forward, either by driving a car, riding a bike, or walking. I was even floating down a river. However, as I moved forward, I noticed that everything around me was getting older looking. This is when I realized I was traveling back in time. It got to the point where I knew I had passed through centuries and I was now in a remote jungle area scaling narrow cliffs and being flung over waterfalls. Finally, I arrived at an ancient cave where I discovered the body of one of my ancestors tied to an altar. They were being sacrificed to a Nephilim demon god. I knew it wasn’t a dream. I was really there. I released the Cross of Christ and His Dunamis power, then I immediately came out of the activation to find myself lying on the couch in the green room.

I believe that God is who He says He is, and He does what He says He will do. When I read that He stopped time, I believe it. When I read about how Jesus did things in the midst of time and space, I believe it. Maybe that makes me childlike, I’ll take that. It doesn’t make me simple minded or childish though. My faith has been built up through events like the one in Oklahoma, and through activating into the things God shows me. If you are having a hard time believing that something this big can belong to you, then keep mediating on these scriptures because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The more you mediate on this promise and the more you read and decree chapters like Isaiah 38, the more you will believe and this type of visitation will manifest.

Big Love KS

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  • Karen King

    I love this Katie. As I have been spirit/soul/body has been on my “radar” most of my adult life, I have come to the conclusion that most/all? times there is sickness etc, there is an open door somewhere. Would you agree with this? It is definitely not mainstream church teaching, but it sure seems that if our inheritance is to be whole, and God is not a liar, then there is another reason.

    Karen King

  • Doris Noble

    I believe every word, and I have been asking God to take me back and change some things for my kids.
    I will listen to the entire 38th chapter instead of a few verses.
    I thank God for you and your husband as well as the team.

  • Clare Ramos

    What do you mean by “activate in God’s word” Katie?
    I want generational healing. Isiah 38. I believe in what you are teaching about, healing, Sozo, deeper spiritual healing.

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