Guidance in Struggles

Hello, Praise the Lord!  I’ve been going through a tremendous transition and healing. Last Wednesday by what I thought was chance turned out to be God directing me randomly to your Twitter feed and post on Leviathan from a random comment on a page of someone I don’t even follow. I watched your video on Leviathan and prayed because Leviathan has been jumping around in my life for a long time; I could see them jump through people against me for a long time but I didn’t understand it even though I kept praying against it, there it is again in another person in another job. The next day at work one of Leviathans subjects who I’ve been praying for and her teammate (for some reason this spirit has been attacking me in twos – I thought it was Jezebel and Ahab) anyway they got me trapped (so I thought) in a scenario where management had to be involved; glory to God the Holy Spirit gave me the words to work it out however not without me taking Thursday afternoon off, Friday through the weekend where I watched more of your videos. I struggled with how, as a Christian, I was tricked into betraying God but turns out it was generational – prayed against it this weekend, and Python speaking to me like God but isn’t God, prayed again just now and turns out I had snakes on my body, my legs and my hands. Got rid of them! Praise the Lord! Victory is Jesus however I wanted to thank you for your ministry because I’ve been praying and delivering myself from all this for a year, literally every day and night. As you mentioned in your video, I was also at my limit of being tired but I kept on praying saying to go I’m tired but not weary I will keep praying. The incident at work was traumatic but I see it was orchestrated as only God can to show and give me space to pray more. I’m so thankful he guided me to your ministry because there is very little out there that provides guidance in these struggles. Thank you! Hugs! Smiles! Glory to God! -A. W.

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