Growth Completely Disappeared!

My 16-year-old daughter had a growth/discoloration on the side of her torso just below her armpit. It continued to grow bigger and we were getting very concerned as it can be very dangerous for any type of skin lesion to continue to get bigger and discolored etc. A few days ago the Lord told Her to start soaking to Katie’s soaking worship that we downloaded off of iTunes. The Lord told her if she did this, he was going to start doing signs and wonders in her life, more than she had ever seen before, and a few other personal promises to her. Last night was her first night soaking to Katie’s soaking worship and when she woke up this morning the growth was completely gone!! She was not even thinking of the enlarging discolored growth on her body when she was soaking! She is excited to continue to do this as she knows this testimony is just getting started! We actually have before and after pictures where the growth was and now where it has completely disappeared!-H.D.

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