Thank you so much for everything. I am grateful for this ministry. I have been watching the TV episode videos online. I’m at episode 20. I have been doing the steps.  In the past I have been dealing with chronic illness fibromyalgia and debilitating exhaustion. Has felt like the flu inflammation low immunity sometimes severe ongoing pain in my whole system. I’ve had skin issues and wounds that have taken long time to heal. This year I have been receiving healing overall and I am much better than last year. I have been a believer for about eight years. Since about 2010 2012 2015 I have been moving forward and learning about health wellness &wholeness in body soul and spirit. I was diagnosed in 2015 with fibromyalgia at Mayo Clinic and have been through the medical systems.  My career path is visual arts and therapy and rehabilitation. I went to an art institute for painting and ceramics but I wasn’t able to finish yet because of health reasons. I’ve had different traumas like others have had. specifically last year I have been already miraculously freed from the experience circumstances and connections to the enemy’s involvement in my life through someone who ended up hurting and raping me. Now I feel God is bringing healing to the wounds in my soul. Last year I heard a video regarding leviathan and it really helped me get free. I feel that God has been helping sustain me and free me through this ministry. Ive been connected this month as I observed I needed freedom. In September. I hate Halloween and this year I’m glad I made it through this time of year and that it’s over. Even in the midst of things not going right God was working miracles on my life and fighting for me.  I’ve felt the Holy Spirit doing a miracle healing my soul, healing my wounds and keeping me alive. I had reoccurring flashbacks of past trauma before I watched the episodes and they have been disappearing. I had also bitterness and offense that I didn’t know had been there even if i had forgiven regularly. I felt my soul was getting well and was at rest. God has helped me even against current assignments of the enemy to bring me hurt and pain. I do think things are going to get better for me, but the enemy has not wanted me to be free and moving forward. Even through my immediate family. I am hoping for my family relationships and circumstances to improve as a reflection of Gods love, as my soul prospers. Thank you so much.  -S. L.

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