Recently, I listened to your incredible teaching on the 1000 fold blessing and decided to put God to the test 🙂  I sowed a seed of 11.11 on February 28th because God confirmed the mantle you prayed over everyone at the end of one of your teaching sessions. I love to pray for people on Facebook and one day as I was scrolling, I seen one of those “fun” name tests games to let you know how old you will be when you pass away…the one I saw was 111 years, hello!! Two days later, I receive a check for over 9800.00 from my father’s estate EARLY which will now help me find a place of my own to live as I was his caregiver for over 11 yrs. and lived with him and my mom, who just passed this last August……GOD IS FAITHFUL…..God’s word is true and He loves to give good gifts to his children! Amen! I am going to continue to sow into your ministry, as instructed by the Holy Spirit, so I can become more financially stable HAVING MORE THAN ENOUGH to also help others! God bless you and your ministry….it’s an honor to sow good seed! Jeremiah 29:11 -J. S.

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