God’s Goodness

OK, just for context. I live in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, Canada. My new husband lives in Loveland Colorado, USA. 2800 miles apart. We met through a prophetic painting that I painted and posted on Facebook and came to know each other through this post via common friends as we had never met prior to this. We courted for 6 weeks, met for the first time face to face 6 weeks and 4 days later, exactly 7 days after meeting face to face for the first time we were married! We had 1 and 1/2 days together before he had to return to Loveland. Our relationship has been totally supernatural from the first meeting. So, now we are living apart and since we’ve been married, it’s almost in becoming ONE, there has been an impartation of our past to one another and we have been going through an extremely difficult season where we have actually been in complete silence (mutually agreed) in order to get alone with God and do some soul work. So, I enrolled in the recent “Heal you Past, Restore your Present” web-stream conference with Katie Souza. When she was teaching on the 111 blessing, I was so moved to sow into this ministry $100.00. Now, as an unemployed mother of 3 teenagers, newly married, and facing financial ruin, among many other very serious situations in my personal life, I really needed a miracle. My December rent check bounced and I was facing a complete emotional breakdown. My new husband was so gracious, unconditionally loving and forgiving, but we really needed to pull away so that I could receive some healing. For me to sow in $100.00 was like the woman in the temple who sacrificially gave of her last few coins. But I have great faith!!! Little did I know that in the silence between my husband and I, he too was moved to sow $100.00 dollars into a completely different cause (unbeknownst to me). His seed went to a registered nurse who sold all her belongings and bought a one way ticket to go serve in Thailand!!! I also am a registered nurse by the way. So, when we came back together after our “soul healing time” and began sharing all that God was doing in our lives, I began sharing with him the seeds that I had sown, to which he then shared the seeds that he had sown. So we had sown a “double portion” without the other knowing!!! Now, here is where it gets really exciting. We had not spoken for over 40 hours, but when I sent him an email describing a major breakthrough I received in soul healing, he immediately called me on instant messenger on Facebook. We shared and felt an instant connection in our spirits. I explained the 111 blessing to him. When we hung up, he instantly messaged me to say that we had been talking for exactly 1hour 1minute and 1second!!!!!!! (111). Wow wow wow wow wow! That was last evening. Today, he messaged me that he went to his bank in Colorado to transfer some money to me to help with my expenses and his balance showed $1,110.00. We are rejoicing and celebrating God’s goodness and are thrilled to see not only the fruit of the 111 blessing but also how God unfolds His call on our lives together as we walk this out. -V. R.

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