God’s Footprint

My son, Dean, has spent most of his adult life in and out of prison/jail for drug related charges. One of his friends was incarcerated in Bristol, TN and while she was in jail, they did the Key to Your Expected End study. She told me about it and I got the book for myself. Even though I have never been in jail, I have been in my own prisons due to bad decisions and it sure applied to me as well. Recently, Dean was transferred to a facility where he could receive books and I requested that you send him the book. We waited and waited, but it did not arrive. Mail being as unreliable as it is in the prison system, I ordered a book on Amazon to be sent to him. He and another inmate began to work through the study and before you know it others began to show interest. Then they sent the copy I requested. Dean was so excited, because when it arrived it was not stamped with his name which gave him the opportunity to give it away. Others began to read it. Two weeks later, Dean was transferred to another facility and had to forfeit his books. One of his roommates in the old jail called to tell me that he and others are now studying the Key to Your Expected End. God’s footprint is growing and growing. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It has given so much hope for those who have no hope. Dean is trying to understand what God is preparing him for and I praise God that He is using your story to support my son. D.J.

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