God Opened Our Eyes

Dear Katie I am so excited to share this. I suffered a stroke in February 2018 which affected my left side but only up to my hand, my leg was not affected. The Lord was gracious that I was still able to use my hand thereafter but still experienced pain as there were certain movements that I still found difficulty in doing. Then in July of 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just after my diagnosis I happened to come across your Healing your Soul program and was so awed by your teaching on healing the wounds of the soul that I started recording every one of your programs aired in the afternoons here so that my husband and I could watch it before we went to bed every night. We have been doing this ever since August of this year and God opened our eyes so much with the revelation of the teachings you bring us. Anyway last night your teaching on the demonic king of pride, leviathan was aired and as we usually do both my husband and I participated in your super soak prayers. When you concluded by praying a release over us I felt something happening in my body which I cannot describe but believe it was God releasing power and my left hand lifted off the bed as if something was previously weighing it down and had now lifted off. I jumped off the bed and could feel that my hand felt lighter and was able to move it around and felt no pain. I thank my Lord Jesus for healing my hand and totally restoring it and delivering me from pride as well. Now I’m expectant of His healing from breast cancer which I believe I have already received in Jesus name. Thank you for your teaching and revelations that you share with us Katie, it is really awesome and mind blowing. God bless you. -A. G.

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