God of Miracles

Dear Katie, I just got back from the conference in the San Francisco Bay area. Wow! My wife have been partners for almost ten years with your ministry. However, we have never gone to a conference together. I went to one you did at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico years ago. Well, this weekend you share a lot about legion and his methods related to Mark 5 that brought some real deliverance. My wife Rosa and I are both ordained ministers. We are also good friends with Jeff McClelland family in Idaho for years.

We have been going to Peru on Mission trips since 1992 and have made about 15 trips since then. We get very little if no help to go on those trips and we took our family as soon as they were old enough to get passports. We have two boys who have gone over there with us many times. Every trip is unique and we move quickly and quietly and we show up in areas the adversary does not expect to do some serious spiritual warfare from deep in the jungle to under ruins like Indiana Jones. This trip we had been invited to teach a family conference in the city of Arequipa, Peru high in the Andes Mountains. This was the home of “Shining Path” which was the number one terrorist group in the world prior to 9/11. We had never been and were looking forward to it.

We were to leave at the end of October but before we left, one day I decided to go trout fishing north of where I lived one last time before the trip after my work day ended. I did pretty good, but the bugs were thick and misquotes were buzzing my ears at the end of the day. Two days latter we were on the plane headed to Lima. We arrive and met by my wife’s family as my wife is Peruvian. We go to one of my brother-n-laws homes who was hosting us. When we arrive at his home, I unpack and tack a shower and then a nap. That is all I remember because when I wake up three days latter I find myself in a hospital with an IV stuck in my arm and I just go nuts. You see I fighting candida before I left on the trip and now I have sugar water being pumped into my veins.

I am delirious. My wife tries to explain to me that I was zombie for three days not wanting to eat, talking gibberish and sleeping. Finally, the family had to take me to the emergency room. The doctor’s cannot find anything wrong with me. A believer friend who is a retired Peruvian Navy Captain sneaks me into a Navy base and has the top Navy neurological specialist look at me. First, they gave me a dementia test and I recognized and thought oh shit! MRIs showed I had calcium spots on my brain and that my brain was swollen. They told my wife no going to Arequipa as the altitude would kill me. They advised her to wait a few weeks and get me back to the States as soon as possible. During the next three weeks, I would sleep for days straight without getting up at all. When I did get up, I was ofter very emotional and could sob uncontrollable. Subconsciously, I knew I was dying. I spent hours at a keyboard pecking out a goodbye message to my two boys in the States. That freaked them out. When I was awake I could talk to you and then 5 minutes later not remember a single word. I lost my memory. I knew some people but that was it. My wife gets me to Los Angeles and we spend one night there before going to Boise. She takes me to our family physician who is a spirit filled believer who sends me to a neurologist. This is not any ordinary neurologist but a former Colonel for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. He believes I had West Nile Virus as there was an outbreak of it at the place I went fishing before the trip. Another patient of his went there the same week I did and was a little younger than me and he got it. He was a zombie and there was nothing the doctor could do for him at all. At the same time I broke out with blisters, bumps and rashes like Job from the top of my head to my feet. I was covered with them. In the middle of the night the ones on head were the size of a dime and would ooze fluid out all over me. I was a mess. I went to a dermatologist, for this and he looked at me and said “you have encephalitis.” He was also a believer.

I still was very emotional at times and slept for long periods of time. Then, just the opposite as I would be hyper as all the adrenaline stored up in my brain broke like a dam and flooded my body. Demons would speak to me all night long and at one point I didn’t sleep for about 4 days straight at night. My wife warned my boys one who was away at college that I could not handle long conversations or loud noises. Well my oldest son, overwhelmed me when he came to see me even after the warning I went off like a crazy man. That was Xmas eve. A believer called me that day to minister to me and I told him I did not think I would live to see the next day. I knew I had hours left to live. My wife put on her game face and we had some friends come over the house for the holidays but I knew I could not handle the company. I went to my bedroom, put on one of your soaking CDs and cried to God and applied the blood to whatever I could think of. Then all of a sudden, dunamas hit my brain like a laser beam and I went down on all fours. That was the turning point that night.

Next week I was back to the neurologist. He sent my blood to the CDC in Atlanta and they could find no bug virus from their data base. I asked to my doctor use a number and not send my name. Whatever I had, the best minds in medicine could not figure it out. Yet, I had great mental progress. The doctor was amazed because his other patient would never improve and was going to be a zombie the rest of his life. I kept soaking and taking handfuls of every vitamin I could get. All in all, I was off three months before I went to work with a conditional work order. Eventually, my memory came back but I have a gap for that month in Peru. I remember hardly nothing from that trip.

I asked God what it was and He showed me some things medically but I knew there was more. Than you taught about the regional spirit trying to sink the boat before the apostles and Jesus every came over to Gaderines. What I failed to mention earlier was that every missionary guest teacher who was asked to teach in that city always got sick and none of them ever were able to keep their teaching commitment. Not one of them ever! Well, guess what, my wife and I going back to Peru and we planned to go to that city. I felt like Samson who sought occasion with the enemy. I still have some residual skin issues from that time and sickness too. But, I knew I had soul issues what I did not know was they were related to legion and how that not taking care of them would have caused me to repeat those things all over again. My wife was a tiny lady who was the first one you asked if she had any water come out. She was a little too meek and you scared her but she did have tears. I was next to her side. I had no water tears or discharge from the ears or throat but after you were sharing about immorality issues, I had to run to the bathroom and pee. It was enough for me to realize legion was a true issue. Thanks for listening to the HS. Please pray for our trip as we leave 9/17 and come back around 10/27/18. In addition, please pray for my wife who has stage 3 bone cancer. We are going because we believe our God is a God of miracles and this is kingdom work. Blessings, -B. C.

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