Dear Katie Souza Ministries, I wanted to share. November 2014 my brother Eli Jr. for months, he was using drugs, alcohol and not taking his medicine for his high blood pressure. His blood pressure was so high, it caused a type three dissection of the aorta. While he was in the emergency room, he died and was brought back to life. On December 4, 2014 we were informed he was in the ICU for heart patients, was told he was not going to live. My parents Eli Sr, Amy, my brother Steven, my husband Flavio, our daughter Leilani and I prayed everyday for Eli to live. One Thursday evening in December between 6pm to 7pm. I was sitting in my car reciting Katie’s Soul Decree prayers for my brother’s health, to be healed. Yes Eli was healed, was discharged from the hospital in January 2015. Also that same day when I was sitting in my car praying for Eli, my dashboard for six months was broken, nothing worked (I never knew how fast I was going, or how much gas I had) My dashboard came on!!! While I was reciting Katie’s Soul Decree Prayers!!! And everything was working such as I could see if my car was in park, how fast I was driving, etc.  This is a example of how God listens to us and He hears our prayers. Thank God for you Katie. I have a prayer request and I will submit my prayer on your prayer request page. The Peace of Jesus Christ I leave with you.  -L. M.

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