God is so Good

I was at the Clearwater Fla. conference around Easter. I shared with Katie that I was a recovering alcoholic who was homeless and living in my car. I was a nurse and lost everything that I valued in my life. I lost my license to practice nursing, my home and financial stability. God revealed to me at the conference that part of the reason I was having so many struggles was because I was harboring unforgiveness that I was really unaware of. When I went to the alter for prayer I was told by The Lord that all would be restored to me if I confessed my unforgiveness and let go of all that anger, unforgiveness and resentment that I was holding on to in my life. I went to the alter and kneeled and prayed that day for God to reveal to me that unforgiveness. I felt His Presence for the first time in many years during the soaking session that afternoon! I let go of all of that awful unforgiveness that held me in a spiritual prison! I have continued to feel His Presence ever since. I am happy to report that since that day I have a home that He led me to that is not only exactly what I prayed for , financially it is exactly what I could afford. I have a roommate that has become a dear friend who prays with me and cheers me on in all that I do. Additionally, He has provided a support system of Christian friends that have become like family to me. He has given me favor with my employers who wrote wonderful letters of support asking the board of nursing to restore my nursing license. My license was restored in full last week with no probation!! The fine was very small! Thousands less than I was expecting! My supervisors and managers have continued to support me in helping me find a job in nursing again. They want to help me transition from the unlicensed position I was in to the licensed position God is restoring me to. Last but not least …I have been suffering from PTSD for many years following surviving a horrific crime in my 20s. It has affected many areas of my life. I was praying about this specific problem a couple of months ago and sharing about it at an AA meeting. There is a gentleman that goes to these meetings that I have been attending with him for more than a year. That gentleman came to me and said ” I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but, I am a psychotherapist that specializes in treating psychological trauma and I’d like to treat you pro bono.” This was the very thing I had prayed about a week earlier! I cried tears of happiness! He has been treating me weekly ever since. My Life is so bright and filled with promise since that conference! God is so good and faithful! He continues to restore my life beyond everything I could ever imagine and order my steps with such Grace and Mercy! Praise God! Hallelujah!!!!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you! May God richly bless you and your wonderful ministry! B.M.

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