Getting rid of Tombs and Soaking in Fire!

During the Spirit & Power conference yesterday. You had a word about gambling, and I came up for prayer. I told how my mom had to flee from our home in Chicago and go to Mississippi. You obey Holy Spirit and with “ pressure” applied your fist in upper stomach area. It was similarly to air going into my abdominal area.

On my way home, I keep wondering what was it for. I remembered at 5am this morning, you said to soaking in the fire. So I begin soaking. Holy Spirit told me to touch my stomach to see if I could feel the pulsating stomach that I had, and I could not feel it. Before I could place my hand right above my stomach and feel a lump pulsating. Medical term pulsating stomach, sometimes could lead to a aneurysm, but praise the Lord it is gone. I know my heart doctor is going to know the difference, because he has been keeping a watch over this concern.

I have known for a long time the effects of what happened in our past, affects our present and future. I invited a lady to go to lunch with me yesterday, and for some reason I began to share with her how I had to flee from my ex husband in 1997, because of abuse. After I came back to my seat, she came over to me and said, you know the same thing happened to you. She reminded me to go home and soak, go back to that place repent and get rid of the “tombs”, and soak in the fire. I never related my fleeing, to my mom fleeing. I know others area in my life have been affected. I will be ministering this to deliverance to my brothers as well.

Please pray for me and my walk with the Lord, I have a lot to work out. My relationship with my Heavenly Father has been performance, because I don’t want to be rejected. I fear rejection from men like my dad (never had a good relationship with dad when he was living) and ex-husband and most men period.

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