Lesson 9

We are going to activate some of the dream symbols that we’ve been given, which are attached to the soul, so we can learn how all those dream symbols can help with soul healing. This is part of our anointing, so these symbols are now going to become very personal to everyone who is in agreement with us. As you learn the language of these symbols, you are going to be able to interpret them yourselves. This way you can move really quickly into soul healing.

Some of the symbols include mountains, houses, rooms, closets, hallways, doors, windows, curtains, rain, trains, bathrooms, sunglasses, corpses, and tombs –it is surprising how many of these symbols, practically all of them, are directly connected to our soul, and how they take us through all three steps to getting our soul healed.

Let’s start out with the mountain. Right before we received the revelation about how the glory light of Jesus heals our soul, a couple of our team members had dreams of mountains. One team member dreamed that she was sailing smoothly along in her little sailboat, when suddenly she came up against a rocky, barren mountain. No matter how she tried to sail around it she couldn’t. She was so frustrated; she was crying out to God in her dream, “God, how do I get around this mountain?” When she awoke from the dream she said, “Tell me how, Lord,” and He said this to her, “Pray for it to rain so that the water level can rise and you can float over it.”

Then John Mulquin had a mountain dream. He and his family were in their car sailing smoothly along having no problems, and suddenly a big, rocky, barren mountain was in front of them. Behind it there was war going on…bombs exploding, rockets going off, gunfire, etc… Then a B52 bomber, was flying towards the mountain. It was going to drop a bomb on the mountain, but as it went up to the face of the mountain there was an invisible force field that would not let it pass. The plane literally bounced off the force field and crashed. John said that was probably one of the most vivid dreams he’d ever had in his life.

I knew God was trying to tell us something ‘mountainous’ was blocking our way. I needed to know what it was; I went to the on-line Bible search and typed in the word “mountain” and 301 scriptures came up. Now, I’m a real busy girl. It’s hard for me to spend that much time researching over 300 scriptures in one sitting. Then I went to the dictionary and again, another list of definitions came up for the word mountain. I had the dreaded list to pick from and needed to narrow it down to figure out what God was showing us. I knew that mountain also represented getting wealth quickly, which could be a change for the better, but this mountain had shields around it, and God was telling us to float over it, so I kept looking. I knew that Holy Spirit would show me which meaning was for us. I believed that God was going to take that symbol of the mountain and customize it so that it would explode into a revelation that would cause us to have complete understanding.

When we have a dream that we know is important, but we don’t quite understand it, we do three things. First, we look at the list and get our options. Second, we begin to pray that Holy Spirit will point out which one is for us. We pray into the understanding because God wants us to know what He is telling us through our dreams. He wants us to know what it means so that we can have the victory. Thirdly, we ask God to reveal what He wants us to do.

Remember, our first team member had asked, “Lord, how do I get around that mountain?” God said, “Pray for it to rain so that the water level will rise and you can float over it.” That is a pretty easy direction…she prayed for rain!

I trusted that God was asking us to pray for rain, even though I had no idea what the mountain was. I activated my team to pray for rain as well, and we prayed until we had clear understanding of what the rain represented. That is when we began to have the revelation of soul healing, and the wounded soul. We had been praying into the revelation, and walking in the King Killer anointing, so when God began to move in this new revelation, we prayed harder and asked for more clarification. We began to see more and more healings! Eye issues, like macular degeneration were being healed. Curses were being lifted. We saw viruses, chronic pain, and even pus from bacterial infections lifting off of people quickly and completely. It was all about the wounded soul. It was an amazing revelation, but we were only getting about half of it! We needed to get over that mountain!

Next week, we will dig more into this. Catch you then!  Big Love,

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