Getting My Soul Healed

I am so grateful to this ministry and the work ye are doing. Thanks for being so faithful! It has changed my life.
I am in the process of soul healing and have received so many healings over the last 2 years such as deep trauma from a car accident and from legion. I was violently sick one night with stomach pain when getting delivered from legion. I used to get very bad viral infections which I am so thankful to God for delivering me from. I also got scales removed from my eyes by praying with Katies’ teachings. I had glasses for driving and watching tv and now I no longer have to wear them praise God.
It just amazes me so much getting lots of dreams of what I need to deal with the more I soak before bed. It is a process but worth it. I feel so free by letting go of bitterness towards people that treated me wrong.
My business is blessed but it slowed down this week so I prayed and eventually realized I wasn’t listening he told me to give an offering to your ministry a while back but I forgot to do it. I immediately repented and gave the offer. Within half an hour the flow was back. I have so many testimonies but just wanting to encourage people with this that it is so real and works because I know I was skeptical when I first started this.
I am believing for more in the area of
Godly relationships in Jesus’ name I know it will happen soon God is so faithful!!

– E.H.

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