Lesson 15

If you’re not at peace and sleeping through the storm, then you’re allowing a demon to create a storm to ruin your life, and that’s not OK!
There Jesus was asleep in the bow of the boat, modeling for us that we need to rest and even sleep in the storm. How did He do it? When we are in a storm, we feel like, if one more thing happens, we are going to lose our mind. Right? But, you have dunamis in you. You must use it to stop you from getting wounded – to bring you into rest.

When the bank accused me of forging a document, instead of crying, I should have said to myself, “I feel like I’m getting wounded. No, I am excellent of soul. I’m not wounded by this storm. I’m not letting a demon make me be wounded, as he works through these people to assault me. I will remain at peace in my soul. Peace possesses my soul. I release dunamis from my spirit man into my soul. I am excellent of soul!”

We have to choose whether or not we let ourselves get wounded and choose to react. We must pull on the supernatural power and presence of the Lord to help overcome that zillionth time we have been attacked in a day.

Be sensitive to how you are feeling during the storm, because that will tell you if you are letting yourself get wounded. Jesus is our model. He slept through the storm, but when the boat was about to sink, He rose up, and took dominion over it. We are begging, “Please God, You can make this storm stop. You could tell it to stop.” We need to stand up and use the authority that God has given us to still the storm. Remain at peace, then command it to SHUT UP!

You might be in the middle of a storm right now, so we need to make sure that you’re clean in this storm, and that you’re asleep in the boat, totally trusting God. Or, you might still be wounded from the last storm you were in. Perhaps that’s why you’ve never crossed over and gotten your breakthrough. It may not feel as traumatic because it’s been a while since that storm, but if you think or talk about it, you realize that you are still wounded, and that’s probably why you haven’t reached a new level.

Let’s activate. Pray and ask Holy Spirit to come right now. He is going to help us get healed of all the wounds that came from the storm, either the one we’re going through right now, or storms from the past. Then we can cross over to the region of the Gerasenes and see the Kingdom of Heaven multiplied exponentially, as we touch city after city, just like the Demoniac did. Where are we holding those wounds? Is it in our thoughts, imagination, or emotions? Or, perhaps those wounds are controlling our decisions because they’re connected to our will.

Activate with me. Pray, “We release you Holy Spirit into our souls; wherever those wounds are buried or hidden and are controlling us, bring dunamis power! Release dunamis into our minds, our wills, and our emotions to completely heal us of injury, stress, bitterness, being overwhelmed, and anxiety. Heal every time we thought we were cheated, treated unfairly, verbally abused, assaulted, and not treated fairly by friends, loved ones, or strangers. We release dunamis into every single place where we are injured and wounded, in Jesus name, so that we have nothing in us that’s in common with the storm. We thank you Lord. You’re doing it right now!”

If Holy Spirit brings a particular thing that’s wounding you to your mind, ask Him to go right to that place, and heal the wound from that particular storm. If you don’t know because it’s been a long time, ask Him to search you, and see where you are holding onto a wound that came through a storm.

Ask Holy Spirit to show you whether you feel bitter, angry, or offended towards someone that was involved in your storm, then forgive them right now. Ask Him to give you dreams that show what He’s working on, for healing, and to bring different storms and wounds to your mind, so you can release them to Him.

Father, heal the wounding from all the storms in our lives, so we can cross over into our promises! We thank you Lord. We give you the glory.
This is probably something we’ll work on for the rest of our lives, but at least now we understand what’s going on, and we understand the strategy. Next time, I will show you how communion was used during a life-threatening storm. You may be surprised by this revelation!

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