Where to start.. I was recently incarcerated for missing 1 call to PO due to being in hospital having a blood transfusion after massively hemorrhaging. (keep in mind I have not been convicted of anything and trial could takes years and yet I was the one who blew the whistle when I found out what was going on and wanted to do the right thing) Unfortunately I learned the hard way NEVER speak to the feds without an attorney or God holding your hand first! I was taken and put into a infirmary cell no windows no light left hemorrhaging for 5 days with no pads no way to clean up .. not food no water.. I had blood clots in both lungs and had just gotten out of hospital a few days before all of this. I had almost died twice from blood clots moving into my lungs the month prior and then allergic reaction to xarellto in which I was passing clots the size of my liver and softballs. My blood count had dropped to 5.8 (5.0 is death) God kept me alive and saved me from all of this. Then I get incarcerated and chained and shackled and put on bus and planes immobile for hours (this alone would have killed someone in my condition) they transported me from California to NY (the long way) I was so angry with God and confused. I had used Gods law to fight back against the false arrest and filed under common law Gods law to protect myself. I could not understand why this was all happening to me I was numb and thinking God had abandoned me in one sense yet knew it my heart it was ONLY through God that I was alive after all of the above. I knew I should have died with the hemorrhaging and no food no water etc… I was dumb founded and God didn’t seem to be answering me. I was beyond miffed and angry with God and yelling at him one min praying the next and then crying and surrendering in the next. I was going from feeling blessed to feeling God had forsaken me. It was a true test of my faith on so many levels. I couldnt understand how doing the right thing landed me in jail. I came back from court after the judge denied my bail and wanted this that and the other thing.. (my lawyer did show up got stuck with public defender) and was just beyond words. I got back to the prison and just laid in bed for 3 days told God “im not talking to you, you didn’t deliver me home why am I here still why is this happening!! you have for saken me” on the 4 th day I got up and was just numb and I get a shower and then go to dry my hair and a woman I never spoke to comes to me and says. “God told me to tell you he has NOT forsaken you and that NO man can be against you because I am for you!” I just starred at her and tears welled up in my eyes.. and I still wanted to be angry with God and said “I needed that but Im still upset with you” . It took me til bed time later to finally let go of that anger and confusion and open up to God again.. and I heard him chuckle.. and say.. “you always the rebel when you feel something is unjust” that made me laugh.. I went through so many ups and downs for the next 5 months before being released. I begged God “what is your will for me please reveal this to me tell me” daily 10 x or more a day I asked and NO answer came at first.. then I heard “be Still” then I heard “give it all to me” then I heard “you will be a judge” I laughed and said cant do that with a felony record.. and then God said “am I not greater than man?” I said well yeah!.. and then i said that’s a lot to learn.. at my age (I’m 52 and have a paralegal masters degree) God said “Am I not greater than you?” I said how will you help me learn this? God said “I will download this to you” (FYI im still waiting been home a month now) I know its all in Gods time so I am waiting patiently.. then God told me that I would lead a great many people like Deborah in the bible. god exact words to me where “you will be like Deborah in the bible” (of course I had to look this up and found Deborah in Judges and was blow away she was a palm judge and lead a King into battle. (Never really remembered Deborah in the bible prior) then God showed me white plates being handed out.. ( I had asked God if it would still be ok to feed the hungry as its been my passion to not let anyone go hungry that I could help) I knew he was blessing me with continuing to feed many!! 😉 .. 2 weeks later I am praying started a bible study was talking to the other women and helping them with understanding their rights and knowing what to ask their attorneys and fighting their cases, when I came across “THE KEYS TO YOUR EXPECTED END” sitting on a table in the rec room I flipped through and thought oh its for recovering addicts (mind you I didn’t read it just assumed) so I put it back down. Next day it was on my mind again and I went in the room didn’t see the book on the table and forgot about it. Several days later it was back on the table and I again was drawn to it. I then flipped through it again and someone came in started talking to me and I put the book down again, and walked away. A few days later again I flip through it and put down again LOL.. yet I know I’m being drawn to this book. Finally Sunday services come and as I am ready to leave the room after services I see the book again and start to flip the pages and a girl says to me “that’s a really great book you should read it you will really like it” that did it and I took the book and read it and couldn’t put it down.. in it was the answers the KEYS to how to pray to be released!! NOW I AM HOME!! GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS CAUSE I LEARNED HOW TO ASK!! God put your book before me Katie to help me break out and break free! I used your book to do bible studies with many of the girls and now they are continuing on with the studies and many are reading the book !! 😉 Amen God is good!!

One more miracle 🙂

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was watching your series on Healing The Wounded Soul and getting supernatural healing for weight-loss and inflammation! and my stomach was sticking out inflamed with diverticulitis and I had (I declared I’m healed) and had Hashimotos auto immune thyroiditis yes lots of it! Immediately after the prayer my stomach went way down! The inflammation in my legs and arms and belly GONE! Instantly I was jumping around screaming!! I have done healing with others for so many years and NEVER knew about soul healing!! Wow Wow Wow.. Amen! Glory be to God and in the name of Jesus ! I am healed and my stomach is flat and the weight is melting off! I’m going to weight myself here shortly cause I feel like its just melting instantly and I am I’m beyond words elated!! THANK YOU KATIE!! XO – J. G.

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