Freedom From Captivity

Katie is amazing.
She is a Mighty Woman of God.
I am blessed to be a part of her ministry.
God is Amazing.
I just completed the training to be apart of her ministry team.
I am a Sr Pastor and Founder of an online church.
The training changed my life and the way I Serve others.
Thank you Katie for making me a better Minister of the Word.
I cannot wait to get started.
To God be the Glory.
Katie your an Amazing Teacher.
God has truly Blessed You.
I read as part of the training Her book, The Captivity Series.
Here is part of the Summary I did, as part of the training, I would like to share with you all.
The Captivity Series is an in-depth Bible study that was written by KATIE SOUZA, while in prison.
Katie helps you to take a look at your life.
Katie shows you how you can break free from captivity by using the Scriptures to help you get to your Expected End.
While it is for people in prison, it can be used by just about anybody for any problems they are facing.
Even though I have never been in prison, I know kinda what Captivity is like.
I am Learning Disabled and do not drive.
I was in spec.ed. my whole public school career.
In 1991, while in high school, I had a severe mental break down.
It landed me in the hospital, for about 6 weeks.
It was the longest 6 weeks of my life.
I always believed in the Lord.
While in the hospital I prayed to God.
The Lord spoke to me again, while in the hospital, and He said you will be ordained and start your own church.
In 2016 I got Ordained.
In Oct of 2018, I started an online church.
So if you have faith, and trust in the Lord, you can break free from Captivity.
The Lord will help you get to your expected end.
It will not be easy but you will get there.



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