Freedom from addictions!!

Well, I’m even more discouraged after I wrote out my story on my phone which took two hours-it’s not easy on the phone with all the corrections needing to be made and the first time around voice to text wouldn’t work. This time it’s working but I don’t really feel like telling my story again so I’ll just say this I stayed clean the last two and a half weeks since being released from Estrella jail under extreme conditions. I feel like my situation is Dyer and I’m just set up to fail please intercede for me and my dogs I’m at a loss and I keep praying for God’s direction and I’m not getting any so I won’t make a move at all so I know what to do. There’s no water at my home my air conditioner was broken and I was in Estrella all my possessions were sold broken windows and I’m in foreclosure no job no ID no mailbox key no way to pay for a new mailbox lock and an ex who fraudulently file for my unemployment. I keep going to meetings and church and doing sage counseling for relapse prevention but I do not know where I’ll be it there foreclosure goes through on the 24th or where my dogs will be I’ve already lost everyone I’ve ever loved I could bear the loss of my dogs after everything else which maybe tomorrow I’ll have the motivation to tell again. I have posted and decreed and tithed the only money I had yet nothing. I do not know what else to do thank you for your time. PS it is only by the grace of God that I’ve had the strength to remain clean and sober with all the drugs I’ve had to clean out of a home I do not recognize broken windows garbage everywhere even a shopping cart on my kitchen downstairs who does that? Please I’m at a loss

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