Dear Katie
I wanted to write and thank you for being part of such a powerful weekend. I attended the Healing and Deliverance Institute on March 5-7, 2020 at Harvest Church. It was such a powerful weekend and I personally received so much healing and deliverance. Thank you for being a conduit for the Holy Spirit to move in power and healing.
I have been on this healing journey with the Lord for many years, but in the last 5 years, He has been doing very deep and inner healing work. In the Fall of 2014, God spoke to me that He needed to do deep work and heal deep places inside of me. I made a commitment and promise to Him to be 100% obedient to go into every door that He led me to even if I was afraid. There was a real lack of trust due to the trauma in my childhood that had caused much fear and resistance. I knew it would require faith and courage to walk this path. His doors have led me to counseling, trauma specialist, and various deliverance and healing ministries, as well as to your books and resources. I am still on this journey with the Lord.
Very briefly my background is I was raised and used to be a 5th generation Mormon. I am now a full-on Jesus lover who passionately will follow Him wherever He leads. He is my hero and Champion! Born and raised in this religion and system it was all I knew. However, because of the deep trauma and personal pain, I experienced as a child at an early age I cried out to God for His help and assistance. The Lord has been healing me from the cultic, sexual and physical abuse of my childhood that was done at the hands of my father and church leaders. God was there through it all though I have only remembered what is needed to heal. He has unpacked His love and supernatural assistance during those years. He has put a deep resolve in me to see His promise, He spoke at 10 years of age, “That one day Sara you will be healed completely from all of these things.” As you probably know very well healing is not always easy it requires commitment, study, time and resources. It is worth it because in it we get to know HIM even more.
I wanted to share some of what He did at the conference. I am still pondering on it all and amazed at the revelation and healing He brought. It was supernatural, I give Him all the Glory! He had divine setups for the whole weekend. I attended with my best friend and prayer partner Amy. We both had powerful experiences.
The first night Apostle John was powerful his words gave way to break open and remove the damns and restrictions of the enemy. You could feel the freedom of burdens, dams being removed with his words of breakthrough. I woke up the next morning (3/6/20) Holy Spirit spoke Jeremiah 20 into my heart to look up, He lead me to verses 11-13. The scripture talks about the Lord being a dread Champion and treading upon those that have persecuted you. (Jeremiah 20:11-13 NASB) Holy Spirit said, “Sara I am your dread Champion! All who have spoken against you will see My hand move mightily upon you. Favor and Blessings are upon you!” That day as Saul, the man who danced with the flags, came out on stage immediately I thought about that scripture and my eyes filled with tears. I could feel the Father warring over me, like a Dread Champion! Every time Saul came on the stage, I thought about this and felt the Father’s heart, His love would wash over me.
The rest of the day was just packed with Holy Spirit power. Katie, as you took authority over the spirit of legion that night my nose, was dripping out water and my eyes were spilling out tears. At the alter I felt pain lifting off my body, there had been so much regional witchcraft and assignments that were being broken. There were shipwrecks in my marriage and my children, relationships in the church, etc. That night I had a prophetic dream about the regional witchcraft my friend Amy and I had been battling in prayer for over 3 years. I woke up at 4:15 am and knew the dream was from the Lord and wrote it down. It was a prophetic dream for what Amy, and I had been walking through and encouragement to press in for continued keys to break the witchcraft in our region. We are seeking Holy Spirit for His continued revelation. At the end of the dream, we were blowing bubbles and singing, “Victory belongs to Jesus” by Todd Dulaney. Holy Spirit was encouraging us that we would have victory!
The last day was POWERFUL! I woke up this morning knowing Holy Spirit was going to do something powerful. I wanted my flesh to be in check, so I fasted during the day. Katie your message in the morning to live the ascended life was a powerful revelation and I want to walk in this more. Holy Spirit was moving at the end of the session. Amy and I lay weeping at the altar, repenting, praying in the spirit and letting the Lord touch us. It felt like it was hours, though it wasn’t that long. It was a cleansing time; I have learned to just surrender even if it may look messy to other people.
Then that last session Holy Spirit fell on Jennifer Eivaz wow! His presence was so strong! She released a mantle of deliverance in dreams and visions. This would be the most powerful encounter of the weekend for me personally. It would leave me in awe and wonder of His goodness and love for me. It was an encounter that would draw me close to Him.
Encounter 3/7/20 (Afternoon session HDI @ Harvest House Church.)
Jennifer Eivaz on direction from the Holy Spirit released a mantle of deliverance in dreams and visions. We were receiving and worshiping, I had my hands in the air. An older black pastor, sitting in my row two seats away, began to pray in tongues over me. She was praying in strong tongues and put her hand near my belly. (After the encounter I spoke with her and she said the Lord told her that He was going to deliver me.) I could feel myself begin to fall back. I surrendered and went down in my chair; I was out in the spirit. I could still hear her praying in the spirit. My body began to twitch and shake as she prayed, this went on for 10 minutes it would stop then start again. She kept praying and then she laid her hand on my belly and said peace, be still peace. It felt like I wasn’t even in the room, though I could still hear the worship leaders singing. The worship leader began singing, “He is releasing keys of the night” Over and over again they sang about keys. I remember him saying grab your keys. When he said this, I went into a vision. I saw myself picking up keys in the spirit. I knew I needed to use the keys. I then stood in front of a distress wood door; I knew I needed to move quickly. I unlocked the door and then another door appeared I unlocked it. I was running I went through 10 doors. One after another I would unlock the door and run to the next door. There were several colors of doors, red, brown-green, and other colors. I was going quickly so I didn’t see all the colors. The colors were dull, not bright. I ran through each door and at the last door, I entered a very dark room. It was so dark you couldn’t see the ceiling or floor. It was pitch black. I heard the Lord say don’t be afraid to stay here so, I knelt on the floor and laid my chest to my knees and put my hands on the floor. I then saw Sal, (the man who worshiped with flags) come in the room. He began to wave gold, yellow and orange flags over me. He danced around me with the flags waving them and worshiped. It was the Father dancing and warring over me. Like it says in Zephaniah 3:17. He was being my dread champion and danced around me for a long time. I felt freedom being released over me. Then eventually Saul laid the gold flag over my back and left the room. I heard the Lord say don’t leave stay here. I stayed at some point I opened my eyes to the vision. I saw that under my hands the ground was beginning to turn to gold. I saw the gold beginning to spread across the floor. It went up the walls and began to cover the whole room until it reached almost the back wall. I heard the Lord again say stay here watch, wait until it completely fills the room gold. I saw the whole room turn to gold and it made the room bright. Then I saw a light blue carpet being rolled out and Jesus came in the room in white robes and danced over me. He had an orange sash around his waist. I felt myself leaving the encounter, I felt so totally free in a new way. I had been delivered from great fear, pain, trauma and many things I have yet to understand.

The weekend ended with me being so drunk in the spirit my friend Amy helped me walk to the car. She drove as I was drunk for the rest of the night. I felt a new boldness and freshness come over me that weekend. It truly was powerful! Thank you for walking in faith and power of Holy Spirit. Thank you for letting the Lord use you.

Many blessings to you and your ministries,

Sara Elizabeth Chandler


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