Freed From Mental Anguish

Katie, I am so grateful for you – that you listen to God and obey Him. Amen. Because of your teaching on how to get your soul healed, I am not in captivity anymore. Although I have never spent time in jail or prison, my soul man was bound in shackles for a very long time, but not any more. After many years of pure mental anguish, I’m free. Praise God. After listening to your teaching and learning to repent, apply the blood of Jesus and His dunamis power, soaking in His Light and Glory and putting the fire of the blessed Holy Spirit on my soul wounds I am being healed from the inside out. Praise God. God has moved me into a place of peace and rest in the supernatural that I had only dreamed about. In April, I was able to attend the Accelerate Into Abundance Event at Lee’s Summit MO on April 26-28, 2018. It was like a super soak. Do you remember telling us there was someone God wanted to heal who had an elbow injury? I thought it was me when you gave the word of knowledge, but since it was suppose to be someone who had played tennis and I’ve never played tennis (I’m a golfer) I didn’t respond. But when I came to the meeting I had tennis elbow that had nagged me for months due to injury and over use. You kept praying for people, and by faith I just stood where I was, turned my faith on, believed God to heal my elbow and received healing from Jesus. I came hungry, believing God for everything He wanted to impart to me that weekend. One week later I am pain free and using my arm and flexing my elbow as if I never had an injury. I am convinced it begin healing that Thursday night. Also during that event the Holy Spirit gave me the gift of tongues too. Amen. The other miracles in our home in the last year is that Father is restoring my marriage. My tongue speaks kind words to my hubby and I am more patient with him than I’ve ever been. My son is about to leave home for the Golf Academy of America in Farmers Branch, TX to follow his life-long dream. Relationships with my brothers is being restored. You asked me an interesting question when we came up. The day before conference I had painted my bedroom, but I didn’t remember that. All I could tell you then was that I had been soaking every night. I continue to soak in the Glory Light of Jesus, which I had listened to for several days before coming to Lee’s Summit. And speaking of body parts: I am decreeing my dad will get his new knees. I am soaking Dad, hubby, son and family and other loved ones in the Glory Light of Jesus. I am even a different para-educator to my students than I was 9 months ago. Today, I have the mind of Christ. All my ancient gates are opened up to Jesus. I am healed and I am whole in Jesus Name. Amen. -J. O.

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