Free of Idols!!

I first discovered you when you were on Daystar at 9:30 PST every Saturday night. I loved the teachings on the shows. I have many of your CD teachings. I listen to you on Spotify with your Kingdom of the Sun and The Glory Light of Jesus when I garden. You make my laugh as I learn. You are absolutely so funny and so relatable. I have had so many wounds on my soul and as you teach, I deal with the dream by dream. I just listened again to your CD, Banking in the Glory. The first time I listened to it, I had a dream that I woke up and Jesus was shining great light on my neck and was working on it. He wasn’t there to talk with me he was working on my neck with great attention. I believe He was breaking the King of Assyria off my neck. I have had dreams of a big sleeping giant falling off the top floor of the top of a building. I have had dreams of trees being chopped down. I believe I am being set free from idols and the spirits over them. I have your book, Soul Decrees, and when my 15-year-old daughter was despondent and depressed I went off and decreed from the soul wounds chapter and she has completely changed! Thank you so much for your ministry. I prayed over my offering that your ministry is blessed by it. Big love back to you!

-Jennifer Mooney

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