Free from Prescriptions!!!

My mother worked in a pharmacy when I was a child she would give me a pill to get me up and get me down I was addicted from that minute on throughout my life to drugs alcohol pills I lived on the streets for over 25 years was a heroin addict , you name it stealing, driving, sleeping without God I forgot the count but God‘s bringing me up and I’m putting the blood of Jesus on all of it and they do in the most power of the Holy Spirit that lives with inside. By using the Bent soaking CDs and the glory light of Jesus heal your soul and miracles in the night cd soaking in my faith for months I have been in the presence of God I got freedom he put me into a deep sleep last tonight and delivered me from all 19 prescriptions hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus set me FREE Thank you 🥰♥️💯🕊




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