Free from Inflammation!

The Lord has led me to be watching a lot of Katie Souza videos on YouTube. Idolatry mostly. I have had a breakthrough in the spirit striving need to overeat. And I have been having problems with inflammation for years. So I happened on the video about inflammation and I just felt a release. It was just a 10-minute video. In the end Katie said to go on the website right now and share your testimony so I am. I am so grateful to the Lord. I am continuing in the soul healing and feel led to repent where I’ve judged, labeled, and analyzed people. That is my assignment today. I am so grateful to be free from inflammation it was IBS, and knees, and neck and legs. Also the bones in my right foot. I feel a big difference everywhere and I am now going to the website to give an offering to the ministry is thanks to the Lord!

  • M.S.

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